My Thoughts On WWE.

My thoughts on WWE, I think the company as a whole is making good progress and strides in the right direction, including having two Cruiserweight matches on last night at Extreme Rules.

Although, in all honesty, am I the only one who would want to see 205 Live become it’s own brand? It could come on the WWE Network on Wednesday nights after NXT, be from 9-11, am I the only one who thinks that is a bonkers idea? Imagine, Cruiserweight tag team titles, and either a Cruiserweight  IC, United States or TV title, as well as making the women a brand in themselves, also featuring Women tag champions, and also another singles title as well. Although, I do like the idea of a stand alone UK show on the WWE Network, all the logistics need to be worked out for the ideas I’m proposing, but, these are just ideas coming off the top of my head. WWE has a golden egg at their feet in all this talent they’ve amassed, they need to showcase it in the right, giving the Cruiserweights only an hour after the crowd is exhausted after Smackdown Live is nuts, give them they’re own night, same with the Women, every Monday & Tuesday night we’re treated to what one possibly two women’s matches, and only one, maybe two on a PPV, the ladies need to shine, much like the young men from the UK, organizations like RingDivas, Shimmer and others have proven Women can carry a company, let the women have their own brand, let women like Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair be the standard bearers for such shows. I could go on for days about this, but, nobody really wants my opinion.