Titles I Think WWE Should Either Bring Back, Or Bring Into The Championship Fold.

After watching a few videos on YouTube last night, I got the idea to compile my own list of championships that WWE should either bring back, or just bring into the championship fold, so, here we go.

  1. Cruiserweight Tag titles (But only if 205 Live branches into it’s own brand.)

  2. Women’s tag titles (Women need their own brand as well.)

  3. UK Tag titles (Perfect for when the weekly UK show launches.)

  4. The TV title (I’m looking at you, NXT.)

  5. 6-man tag titles (Preferably for both Raw & Smackdown Live.)

And, that is pretty much my list, I know it’s only 5, but, WTF do you expect?  *Wink* *Wink*