Although I understand that ROH is not being sold to WWE, but, thank about what that would mean, another proving ground for young talent to come up through, talent could start out in ROH and then move to NXT before finally graduating to either Raw, Smackdown Live or 205 Live, or the forthcoming UK show and if WWE is smart starting a Women’s brand. It would give people something to get excited about, because ROH has great young talent, and some good veterans, including The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, who happens to be the ROH World Champion. And think about Cody Rhodes being able to go by Cody Rhodes instead of just The American Nightmare.

This is a no lose situation for both ROH or WWE, ROH can get there content on WWE Network, I don’t see why so many people view this as a bad thing, I don’t, WWE doesn’t need to do away with the companies, as they’ve done in the past, or render them so unrecognizable, it’s not even funny (See also ECW). I could go on for hours about what WWE could do with Impact & ROH, but I won’t.