WWE Money In The Bank…

WWE Money In The Bank…

I just finished watching MITB, and while I don’t agree with much, if not all of the results, although, Baron Corbin winning the MITB match was, I won’t say a shock, but, it was good to see happen, although I see a feud with Shinsuke happening down the line.

The Women’s MITB match, was not as good as I was hoping, with in all honesty, no clear winner, it took James Ellsworth handing Carmella the briefcase for her to be declared the winner, although Shane McMahon & Daniel Bryan plan to address this tomorrow night on SD Live! And speaking of the Women’s division, I would have love to have seen Carmella cash in during the Naomi/Lana match, and honestly, Carmella/Lana makes more sense than Carmella/Naomi. And the tag title match, I can see The New Day getting a rematch, considering The Usos got themselves intentionally counted out to save the titles.

While this PPV won’t become an instant classic, I do see it elevating the career of Baron Corbin. And to a lesser extent Jinder Mahal who, for right or wrong, did defeat Randy Orton in St. Louis, much like the Women’s match, I think Orton/Corbin is better than Jinder/Corbin, but hey, I’m not WWE creative, and I never said I was.

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