NCAA Football ’14 6/21/17

NCAA Football ’14 6/21/17


This game has been a good escape for me with all the trying times I’ve been having. I play a few hours every night, and I play as several teams, 1 team from every conference and two independent teams, and it is very fun. Being able to play games, especially football games like this and Madden NFL ’17 has been a real rescue.

For the record I play as Blue Mountain State (Created Team, Put In SEC), Rowan (Created Team, Put IN AAC), Arkansas State (Moved From Sun Belt To Conference USA), Georgia State (Moved From Sun Belt To ACC), Alaska-Anchorage (Created Team, Originally Put In Pac-12, Now Independent), Boise State (Moved To Pac-12), North Dakota State (Created Team, Placed In Mountain West), South Alabama (Sun Belt), Army (Independent), & Ohio (MAC Conference)

Playing as each and every one of these teams is very fun, and sometimes I win, and sometimes I lose, but it’s very fun, and trying to get these teams all to Bowl Games is so much fun, and at times frustrating, but that’s what I love about video games.