Impact Wrestling Aquires Global Force Wrestling

Um…can somebody please explain how Jeff Jarrett can sell a wrestling promotion he owns to another promotion he not only founded, but bought back at quite a discount after selling it to a know nothing ditz who try to sell it to Billy Corgan?

If you’re as lost as I am, allow me to explain, TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, who, with his daddy, sold TNA wrestling to Dixie Carter so Jeff could start Global Force Wrestling. Lo and behold, Dixie doesn’t know shit about shit and neither did Billy Corgan. Only to have little Jeffy and his associates at Anthem to purchase the rebranded Impact Wrestling, and then by the graces of God, young Jeffy sold Global Force Wrestling to Impact, I mean GFW titles have been showing up on Impact, so, WAY TO GO, JEFFY! 

I honestly hope he sees this, it’s been far too long since I’ve been served with cease and desist orders.