Destiny Dumon vs. Cali Danger Evening Gown, Kiss My Feet Match.

Cali Danger vs. Destiny Dumon (Extreme Evening Gown, Kiss My Feet, Catfight.)


Cali Danger returns to RingDivas after a long suspension, and found the landscape of her beloved company has changed, and in her opinion not for the better, seeing as her arch nemesis Destiny Dumon is the reigning champion, and her sister Elle always seems to be running interference for her. Cali decides she wants to end the Dumon reign with in RingDivas.

Cali, on her first official day back walks up to Destiny.

“I want back what I never lost, I want a shot at that title, leave your sister backstage, just you & I.”

“Oh, little Miss Cali, you think you deserve a shot at my title, go to the back of the line & wait your turn like everyone else.” Destiny says, with an evil sneer.


Cali walks away, and needs to devise a plan to get back at Destiny, and get the title she feels she deserves.

A little later on, Destiny is working out in the ring with Elle, and Cali again approaches the ring to confront Destiny.


“Destiny? I’m here to ask again for a match for the title, you never actually beat me for the title, and I’d love a chance to regain what I never lost.” Cali says, again.


“Cali, get lost, I already told you, earn a title shot first.” Destiny says, sneering at Cali. With that, Cali kicks Destiny in the crotch, and delivers a vicious Cali Bomb to the champion, leaving her lying face down in the ring. Elle quickly checks on her sister, as Cali leaves the ring.


A few minutes later, Destiny is back on her feet, and grabs the microphone.


“Cali! You little bitch! Get your ass back out here! You fucking bitch!”


And with that, Cali comes walking back to the ring, but, motions for Destiny to follow her backstage.


Destiny follows backstage, when suddenly, she’s punched right in the face by Cali, wearing a pair of brass knuckles, it knocks Destiny out instantly.


Cali looks down on Destiny, and takes her time dragging her over to the Torture Rack Of Death, strips her down naked, takes lipstick out of her locker, and writes on Destiny’s stomach and chest: “Give me my title match, or your sister is next!”


Cali snapped a few quick pictures, and uploads them the Instagram, making sure to tag Elle in the pic.


The next day, Cali arrives at the training center, and she’s quickly confronted by Elle, “You think you’re fucking funny? My sister is going to kick your fucking ass. She accepts your bullshit challenge, any stipulation you want, she accepts!”


“Ok, tell her I want an evening gown match, and the loser must kiss the winners feet, and admit the she is the superior champion. Those are my terms, take it or…I’ll kick her ass until she does.” Cali says, with an evil smirk.


“Fine, bitch! You got it! This Saturday, you get your fucking ass kicked again!” Elle says, walking away.


Next Saturday arrives, and the big main event is quickly arrives.


Cali enters the ring first wearing a blue evening dress, Destiny enters next, wearing a gold evening dress.


The match starts, and they lock up in the center of the ring, and Cali instantly kicks Destiny in the crotch, and quickly goes for the Cali Bomb, hitting it, and with no trouble at all, removes Destiny dress, only to reveal, she’s completely naked underneath. Destiny’s beautiful naked body is on display for the whole world to see.


Despite the bell ringing, declaring Cali the winner, she picks Destiny up and starts slapping Destiny’s perfect tits around, even punching her tits, and to add to the humiliation, she punches Destiny right in the cunt.

After that, the referee brings a chair in the ring, and Cali sits down, and removes her shoe, and Cali demands Destiny crawl over and kiss her foot.


“Crawl the fuck over here, bitch, and kiss MY feet! I said ‘Crawl’, bitch!” Cali barks at her. Destiny, still hurting from the beating, crawls toward Cali, and reluctantly kisses her feet.


“You’re forgetting one thing, admit I’m the better champion, say it, you fucking whore!”


“Yo-you’re t-the better champion, Cali!” Destiny says, before collapsing to the mat.


Cali then takes her lipstick and writes ‘Whore’ across Destiny’s stomach.


Cali quickly leaves the ring with Destiny’s title and her beautiful gold dress.