WWE Great Balls Of Fire

For the amount of jokes I head about the name of the event, it wasn’t all that bad.

Rollins & Wyatt was a cool little match, and it was interesting to see Wyatt win for once…at least Bray isn’t the Miz’s bitch like his brother…*rim shot*…(thank you! I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress!) Same could be said about Curtis Axel…Somebody dig up Curt and Larry “The Axe” , show that poor boy what a real wrestler looks like…took me a while to figure that name out…LOL!

Strowman vs. Reigns was an excellent match, although some people are saying that a double switch much like at WrestleMania 13 happened during this match, where in Reigns entered as the face and Strowman as the heel, and Strowman left as the face & Reigns as the heel. Although I think WWE has been hinting at a Reigns heel turn since WrestleMania.

Hawkins vs. Slater was a simple throwaway match, no idea why this was featured on PPV.

Sheamus & Cesaro I think really cemented themselves as a good tag team, defeating the Hardy’s . 

The Miz and Dean was ok, but, plain and simple Dean oversold the figure 4.