The Violation Of Brooke Ch. 01

The Violation Of Brooke Ch. 01


Brooke is a super sexy waitress, she works at a really upscale bistro, she’s 21. Tonight she’s wearing a dark blue dress, which zips up in the back, with black heels, black front hooking bra, and black panties. Her heels are 2 & ¾ inches, and the skirt of her dress just comes below her knees. She has blonde hair, which she ties in a ponytail. She has on drop earrings and a cross necklace.


She stopped at the grocery store on the way home, and has a few bags to bring into her home. She just moved into this home, that she’s renting from this nice couple, who are totally understanding of her work schedule and everything.


Brooke pulls into her parking spot, and she is so excited to be home, after working 10+ hours, she pops the trunk of her car.


She grabs her groceries, and heads for her door, puts the key in the lock, and suddenly she feels a hand go over her mouth, and she feels something against her back.


“If you scream, I’ll plunge this knife into your back, I know just where your spinal cord is, I’ll render you a quadriplegic in a second sweetheart. Now unlock your door. I haven’t had pussy in 8 years, and you’re just perfect.” A man whispers in her ear.


Brooke reluctantly unlocks her apartment door, quickly she’s shoved inside, Brooke barely has time to react, when the man hits her with the back of his hand, sending her to the floor.


“Please, take whatever you want, I have jewelry in my bedroom, and $200 in my purse, please, take it, I won’t tell anyone, I promise.” Brooke says, pleading with her abductor.


“As tempting as all that sounds, I was saying earlier, I haven’t had pussy in 8 years, and you look just hot enough to satisfy me.” He says, bringing Brooke back to her feet, and examining her beautiful body.


“NO! Please, I’ll do anything, just…not that, please don’t hurt me.”


“Listen, you little bitch, no amount of pleading is going to stop me, if you don’t do exactly what I say, when I say it, I WILL hurt you.”


“Yes, yes sir, you’re in command!” Brooke says, crying now.

“Good, now remove your dress, and I want you to twirl around, so I can see your sexy body.”

Brooke reluctantly stands up, and reaches behind herself and unzips her dress, and now she’s just standing in bra and panties, which consists a black front hooking bra, and black cotton panties.


“What’s under those panties?” He asks, slapping Brooke’s ass.

Brooke blushes and puts her hands over her crotch.


“Oh! Embarrassed are we? Lower those panties, let me see what’s under there. Lower them, or I’ll cut them off of you!” He demands.


Brooke has no choice, she hooks her thumbs in the waist, and lowers her panties, no man has ever seen her without panties. She has a small, trimmed landing strip of pubic hair, which is the same blonde hair as her head. The man reaches out and touched Brooke’s pussy lips, making her start sobbing.

“NO! Please…please stop, I’ll give you anything, just please stop!” Brooke says, through her tears, pleading with the man.

“Take off your bra!” He demands.


Brooke, by this point had had enough, and was now refusing to remove her bra.


“Listen! I took my fucking panties off, I’m not taking my bra off, let me guess, you want to put your hands on my tits? Dream on, scum bag! Get off on the thought of touching my vagina.” Brooke screams at him.


With no warning, he balls up his fist, and punches Brooke, hard, again knocking her to the floor. He takes his knife, and slices her bra off, and begins fondling her soft, fleshy mounds. All Brooke can do is lay there and cry.


“Don’t let that mouth of yours run too much, bitch.” He says, leaning in to kiss Brooke, softly at first, slowly pushing his tongue in her mouth. “I think I may be in love!” He whispers in her ear.


“No…no…please…no…” Brooke cries out. The man continues to grope and maul your breasts, roughly pinching and twisting her nipples.


“STOP! My nipples are so sensitive, please don’t pinch them!” Brooke again cries out. The man just chuckles, balls up his fist and punches Brooke right in the stomach.


“OOOOOWWWWW!!!!” Brooke screams out, coughing and crying, ruining her perfectly applied make up, the man continues his assault, now punching her in her pussy, Brooke just curls in a ball and cries.


After a few minutes more, Brooke is in so much pain, she just passes out from the pain in her vagina.


The man takes a glass of cold water and pours it over Brooke’s face, reviving her.

“You bastard, my fucking pussy is killing me, I hope you’re happy…ASSHOLE!” She yells, spitting at the man. With no warning, he again punches Brooke in the stomach, Brooke just curls in a ball, coughing and crying. He grabs a handful of her hair, and drags her toward the couch.

“Please…please…no more…please…no…” Brooke cries out.

The man lays her on the couch, and unzips his pants, letting his cock pop free. Brooke cries harder when she sees his enormous rod.

He first climbs on her chest, and starts to wipe the head of his cock over her mouth, he pinches her nose shut, making sure she opens her mouth, and quickly he slams himself inside her mouth. Brooke’s eyes well up with tears until she adjusts to the size.

“That’s it, you little bitch. Show me what a good cock sucker you are.” Brooke just glares at him, and gives him the finger. Slowly he begins fucking her pretty mouth, roughly squeezing her breasts as he does, she groans in pain as he pinches her sensitive nipples.

He slowly picks up the pace of fucking her mouth, now he can not only feel the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat, but also feeling his balls hitting her chin. Brooke is gagging, she’s never sucked cock before.

“Do you want to taste my cum, bitch?”

Brooke starts shaking her head no, her friends have warned her about swallowing chm.

With a loud grunt, the man cums in Brooke’s virgin mouth, again pinching her nose, making sure she swallows. As soon as he pulls out of her mouth, Brooke quickly vomits.

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” Brooke screams through her tears.


“You don’t like my cum?”


“It’s disgusting.” Brooke says, still coughing.


“Wait until I make you taste your pussy, bitch!”


“Y-you, you wouldn’t dare? I’m…I’m not a lesbian.”


He slides three fingers inside of Brooke, which is further than she’s ever been stretched.


“OW…Please…it hurts…OW!” Brooke cries out, as the man starts to pump his fingers in and out.


After a few seconds, he pulls his fingers out, and brings them to Brooke’s mouth, and shoves them in, making her taste her own pussy, instantly she starts gagging.


“You like that, bitch?” He says, laughing. With that, he takes Brooke’s hand, and puts it on his cock. “I’m hard again, bitch. Guess where it’s going now?”


“No…it was already in my mouth…please don’t put it anywhere else!” Brooke pleads with him.


Suddenly, he rams his cock into her tight, virgin pussy.


“OOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! NO! PLEASE…NO!” Brooke cries out, she can feel she’s lost her virginity, as blood pours from her pussy. Violently the man starts fucking her, each stroke hurts Brooke more and more.


“You’re going to make me cum, bitch. You ready?”


“No! NO! I’m not…NOOOOOO!!!!” She yells as she feels his cock erupt inside her.


“I hope that flat little belly of yours gets nice and fat after this.” He whispers in her ear, as Brooke just cries.

The man just lays next to Brooke for a few minutes, as Brooke just sobs in pain and humiliation.

“One more time, bitch!” The man says, grabbing Brooke’s hips, and turning her on her stomach.


“No! NO! NO MORE…PLEASE!” Brooke tries to plead with him as he starts spanking her ass.

“OW! You’re hurting me! OW! You bastard!” Brooke screams out.

Without warning, the man shoves a finger inside Brooke’s brown, puckered asshole.


“OW! What the fuck? OW! Stop…OOOOOWWWW!” She screams as he inserts another finger. Brooke has never had her ass penetrated before.

Then suddenly, the man pushes his entire fist in her ass, the pain is so intense, Brooke passes out instantly.

When she comes to, the man has his cock buried deep in her ass, he’s so big, and thick that she can feel that her anus has been torn open.

“OH! OH GOD…IT HURTS…PLEASE…PLEASE STOP!” She cries out. Brooke quickly passes out again.

She comes to an hour later, her face, breasts and stomach are covered in cum, and she can smell that he wiped his cock off in her hair, she can also feel that she is still bleeding from her pussy and ass.

She sees a note on her nightstand.

“That was fun. I stole your spare house key. I’ll be back, whore.”

The man was never caught by police, and is still on the run.

About 8 months after this, Brooke gave birth to her first child, she had never slept with anyone before, so, this is her rapists child.

To be continued…