WWE NXT & GFW Impact



I decided to combine the reviews of both shows this week, because…well, I can!

It’s times like this that I really begin to understand the love/hate relationship I have with the internet in this day and age, on one hand, I literally have information at my fingertips, and (To quote Randy Travis.) on the other hand, oh so many spoilers, which now as I type this, I had most of the information from this show a week before it aired.

Let’s begin with talking about NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and Wednesday on NXT the #1 contender to Asuka and the NXT Women’s championship was decided in a match between Ember Moon & Ruby Riot, now, mind you, I have nothing against Ember Moon, but, to be fair, she’s received numerous chances to dethrone Asuka, and yet somehow she gets yet another chance as she defeated Ruby Riot to gain a title match in Brooklyn on SummerSlam weekend. Another match on the card, Drew McIntyre and Killian Dain battled for the #1 contender spot against NXT Champion Bobby Roode at Takeover: Brooklyn, and as I found out after watching NXT last week, McIntyre wins and will face Roode.

But, the going rumor was, Dain & Alexander Wolfe would make their main roster debut at SummerSlam to face Breezango, but, all hopes of that were quickly squashed as it was revealed that Dain & Wolfe will actually face The Authors Of Pain at Takeover: Brooklyn for the NXT Tag Titles…curse you internet.

As far as who will face Breezango at Battleground, rumor has it that Luke Harper & Erick Rowan are going to be revealed as the team who not only destroyed The Fashion Police office, but, also stole & beheaded Fandango’s toy horse.

Ok, onto GFW Impact. I’m serious when I say this had all the excitement of getting a root canal, and…surprisingly, all of the pain as well. Let’s start with the Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna and her…for the lack of a better term…feud with Karen Angle Jarrett. And full disclosure, I secretly thought that Mrs. Jarrett would come out & say that Sienna was her daughter much like ex-hubby Kurt Angle came out Monday night and announced that Jason Jordan was his illegitimate son…oh kayefabe you wonderful bitch!

The night ended with Konnan & The LAX attacking Unified Global champion Alberto El Patron’s father & brother in an attempt to force Patron to join LAX, Patron put the LAX shirt on and proceeded to destroy them with a Kendo Stick.