LWWL In The End Results

Considering they gave away the ending to two of their matches, Vanessa over Kiki and Elle over Lily.

The main event, was…in a word…BULLSHIT. For those who didn’t see it coming, Destiny Dumon is now a 5 time Women’s champion, as she defeated Colleen “Brooke Fairchild” Engle, forcing Engle to leave the LWWL forever.

If you’re like me and know how to use Google (You found this site, so, I’m pretty sure you can use Google), search either Brooke Fairchild wrestler of Colleen Engle and it’ll be easy to find her, see, I’m assuming that Ms. Engle wants to further her career as a mental health therapist (oh kayefabe you saucy bitch…), and thus the loser leaves forever angle was concocted. Still this one stings a little…