Demi Lovato vs. Ariel Winter. MMA Fight.

Demi Lovato vs. Ariel Winter (MMA Fight)


In our opening contest, Demi Lovato will fight Modern Family star, Ariel Winter in a 3 round MMA fight.


Ariel enters first, with her dark hair tied in a ponytail, she’s wearing a grey sports bra and matching shorts, she’s of course barefoot. She gets inspected by the official ringside, and she enters the ring, and goes into the blue corner.

Demi enters next, wearing a black sports bra and matching shorts.


The bell rings, and they both come to the center of the ring, Demi quickly goes for a takedown, but Ariel stuffs, Ariel successfully takes Demi down, and tries to establish a dominant position, after a few seconds, Ariel achieves the dominant position and begins to pound on Demi. Punches & elbows, crushing Demi’s nose, and closing her left eye. The referee is about to stop the fight, but the horn sounds, signaling the end of round 1.


Both women are sent to their respective corners, Demi’s corner quickly begins to work on her wounds, as the cage side doctor comes in to check Demi.


“DON’T! DON’T YOU DARE STOP THIS FIGHT!” Demi yells, but the doctor has no choice, and tells the referee that he’s calling the fight.

The winner by doctor’s stoppage, Ariel Winter.