Knockout Angels (KOA) MMA Title Tournament Round 1: Brooke Fairchild vs. Devin Myers

Knockout Angels (KOA) MMA Tournament Round 1:

Brooke Fairchild Vs. Devin Myers


It’s a big day at the RingDivas Arena, with the release of Mia St. James, the KOA Championship is now vacant, and now it’s time to crown a new champion, and tonight is the first round of the tournament.


The tournament starts off with Brooke Fairchild taking on newcomer Devin Myers.

Devin enters first, wearing a red sports bra, and red spandex shorts, she gets inspected by the ringside official , and is cleared to enter the octagon cage.

Brooke enters next, wearing a blue sports bra and blue shorts, she gets the once over by the officials at cage side, and into the octagon she goes.

The fight begins, with both women circling, Brooke shoots in for a takedown, but, it’s stuffed by Devin, but Devin catches Brooke with a stiff right jab once she gets up.

The women continue circling and exchanging jabs, Brooke then tries a Superman punch, breaking Devin’s nose, causing her to bleed. Just then, the bell rings, ending the 1st round.


Both women are sent back to their corners, and Devin’s corner immediately starts working on her broken nose. “Come on, Devin. Get your ass together, you lost that first round. Brooke is not better than you. Now go out there, and kick her ass.” Devin’s corner man says. Meanwhile in Brooke’s corner.

“Ok, Brooke, that was exactly what I wanted. You have her on the ropes. Go for a takedown, and I guarantee you, you’ll get that opening for that triangle choke we taught you.” Both women are stood back up, and are ready for round 2.


The bell rings to begin Round 2, both women touch gloves, and Brooke, immediately goes for a takedown, Devin, already exhausted, can’t even defend it, and Brooke easily takes her down. Brooke quickly gets dominant position, and starts pummeling Devin with elbows and hammer fists, and one point, it looked as if the ref might stop the match. After all of that, Devin somehow survived round 2, but her corner had to help her to her corner. Brooke again clearly wins round 2.

Round 3 is much of the same, with Brooke actually knocking Devin down twice in the 3rd round. Between rounds, Devin’s corner is threatening to throw the towel in on Devin, she is taking that much of a beating. But Devin insists in going out for the 4th round.

Both women are up to start round 4, but as soon as the bell rings, Brooke is all over Devin, Devin is backed against the cage, and Brooke just lands punch after punch, Devin’s face is a bloody mess. Finally Brooke connects with a vicious left hook, knocking Devin out cold, the ref immediately stops the match and declares Brooke the winner. She’ll go on to face the winner of the next match between Cali Danger & Faith Dumon.