NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Wrap-up

After watching possible one of the best Takeover’s I’ve ever seen, I just have one thing to say: ADAM COLE BAY-BAY!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the ex-communicated member of The Bullet Club has finally found his way to NXT, but more on that later.

Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Johnny Gargano in the opening bout of the card.

Next up was the NXT Tag Team Championship match The Authors Of Pain defending against Sanity. It was originally thought that Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dane would represent Sanity, but, using the now suddenly popular “Freebird Rule” (Thank you very much, New Day!), Eric Young was able to inject himself in the match, leaving the “Beast Of Belfast” Killian Dane at ringside, but he would play a big role in this match anyway. Wolfe and Young dove over the top rope to take out both Akem and Razar, Nikki Cross looked like she was about to get into it with Paul Ellering, but, instead, she tried to take out one of the Authors, only to be caught, but then Killian Dane drove himself, Nikki Cross, and for argument’s sake, I’ll say, Akem through a table, leaving Wolfe and Young to polish off Razar and become the New NXT Tag Team Champions, but the celebration was short lived, as what seems to be a recent influx of talent from ROH is now debuting on NXT as Bobby Fish and Kyle o’Reilly laid waste to both Sanity and The Authors, and sadly this wouldn’t be the last time we hear from Fish and o’ Reilly.

Next, Aleister Black went to war with Hideo Itami, and actually defeated him, in a great match.

But, then it was time for the NXT Women’s Champion as Asuka defends one more time against Ember Moon, now, I’ll be the first to admit, all week I was telling everyone that Ember would be Asuka, well…Asuka proved me wrong, defeating Ember with the Asuka-Lock to retain.

Then the NXT Championship “Glorious” Bobby Roode defending against Drew McIntyre. In what was easily the 2nd best match of the night (Ember/Asuka was #1), Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Roode, only to be confronted by Fish and o’ Reilly, and finally being attacked by a suddenly debuting….(wait for it…)….ADAM COLE BAY-BAY!

So, that’s it for my take on NXT Takeover. I’ll be back tomorrow with my report on SummerSlam 2017.