The Week In WWE

The go home week in WWE was pretty cool, although I must admit I did not watch 205 Live or NXT. But Raw & Smackdown were in my opinion, awesome. I will admit I was wrong about Baron Corbin, I predicted that Corbin would cash in after the Nakamura/Mahal match on Sunday. But, Corbin cashed in after costing John Cena his match against Jinder Mahal, and luckily, Corbin was unsuccessful in his cash in. But, I still believe Cena will defeat Corbin, and as far as Nakamura vs. Mahal for the WWE Championship, I have one word:…KINSHASAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

On Raw, it was a thing of beauty to see Rollins/Ambrose to reunite, and now they’re set to take on Cesaro/Sheamus for the Raw tag titles. And now that The Legit Boss Sasha Banks will take on Alexa “Little Miss” Bliss for the Raw women’s championship, I think it’s about time for it to be Boss time once again on Raw.