Madden NFL ’17 8/20/17

This will, odds are be my final Madden ’17 update, as on Tuesday I’ll officially have Madden NFL ’18 G.O.A.T edition, and I get that 3 days before the standard edition of Madden comes out, and I’m happy about that. I keep telling myself that I’ll never buy another edition of Madden, but, every year, I’m buying the new Madden. At least recently. I bought Madden ’08 when I bought my Nintendo Wii, vowing that would be my last Madden, then I bought Madden ’09 when I got my DS, then I bought an Xbox 360 around the same time that NCAA Football ’12 and Madden NFL ’12 were coming out, not wanting to pay $120, I bought NCAA ’11 and Madden ’11, and I swore those would be my last, but, games were so easy to win on both games, that when I heard about NCAA ’14 (which ironically IS the last NCAA game) and Madden NFL 25, I gobbled them up, and I had no intention of purchasing another Madden after 25, but, then I got a Microsoft gift card, I purchased Madden ’17, which I absolutely love, and recently I upgraded to an Xbox One, and I said, the hell with it, I’ll purchase Madden ’18, and I decided to shell out the extra $30 and get the G.O.A.T edition. And that should be ready for me to download on Tuesday morning, and I’ll be happy about that. I’m going to keep updating my video game diaries here, I have so many games, I need all kinds of time to play them.