The Violation Of Cindy Ch. 01

The Violation Of Cindy Ch. 01



Cindy gets in her car after a special get together of all the teachers in her school. She needs to stop at the grocery store and pick up something quick for dinner.


Cindy is dressed up a little nicer than usual, she’s wearing a navy blue skirt, with a slit up the back, white short sleeve sweater, her hair in a ponytail, with silver hoop earrings, and her underwear is a white cotton bra with matching panties, and she has on suntan colored pantyhose, and nice black pumps.

She arrives home, and uses the remote to open her garage door, she gets out of the car, and is about to get her groceries out of the car, when she feels a hand go over her mouth.

“You make a sound, I’ll slit your fucking throat, nod if you understand.” Cindy quickly nods her head ‘yes’. The man bends Cindy over the hood of her car, and pulls her wrists behind her, and uses wire zip ties to bind her wrists together.

“Now, take me to your bedroom, and don’t try to be sneaky.” Cindy begins to start crying, causing her mascara to run and ruin her perfectly applied make up. But she does as instructed and leads this man to her bedroom, where he immediately takes the back of his hand and viciously slap Cindy across the face, knocking her to the bed.

He jumps on top, and starts punching Cindy, first in the breasts, then her face, bruising her face.

“STOP HITTING ME!!!” Cindy screams through her tears.

Without warning, the man takes his knife and slices her white sweater off, exposing her white cotton bra, which barely contain her large 36C breasts. He quickly slices her bra off, now she’s left in her skirt, pantyhose and panties. The man leans down and starts to softly suck on Cindy’s big, puffy nipples.

“No…No…No…No!” Cindy starts moaning out, as she can feel her body betraying her, just that little bit of sucking, has made her panties wet. The man even goes so far as to kiss Cindy’s stomach, trying to push his tongue in her belly button. “OH! That…That feels…really good!” Cindy says, blushing slightly.

“What is your name, girl?” He asks.

“This girls name is Cindy, Sir! But, this girl will be pleased with whatever you wish to call her.”

The man goes back to worshipping her belly button, making Cindy moan and squirm. With that, the man cuts off Cindy’s skirt, and rips her pantyhose, now all she’s wearing is her white cotton panties, which are completely soaked, he slides his hand inside her panties, feeling the thick mound of pubic hair.

“Your husband sold you to me, I own you, and know all your submissive triggers, now, you’re going to suck me off, and play with those titties of yours, and you’ll be all mine.

Cindy’s eyes grow huge with fear. “N-no! This girl hates sucking cock. Please…please…no!” She says, crying uncontrollably.

He unzips his pants, and out pops the biggest cock Cindy had ever seen, it was at least 12, maybe 14 inches long. He starts to wipe the head over Cindy’s mouth, but, she refuses to open up, so he pinches her nose shut until she had no choice but to open up, and he quickly slides his hard cock in her warm, wet mouth. She gagged instantly as the head pressed against the back of her throat. And slowly he starts fucking her mouth, and she starts rubbing her tits without being instructed. The longer he fucks her face, the more Cindy begins to enjoy it, she starts roughly pinching her own nipples, making them fully erect.

He pulls his cock from her mouth. “I’m going to cum on your face, and your tits, then you’ll be mine…lay back, bitch!”

Cindy says nothing, and willingly lays back, and the man strokes his cock harder and harder. He holds the head of his cock, first against her left eye, making sure he cums in her eye, and does the same to her right, then he shoots all over her breasts. Cindy just lays there, eyes wide open, as if she’s in a trance.



“Come sit on my cock. I’m going to fuck you, and finish your conversion to mindless fuck-bot.”

“Your…wish…is…m-my…command…Master!” She says, in a monotone voice.

She crawls toward me, and lowers her hairy pussy down on my hard cock, she lets out a loud gasp once she’s all the way down. I grab her hips and start bouncing her up and down on me, her 36C’s bouncing up and down.

I can feel I’m close to cumming again. “Once I cum inside you, I totally own you. Am I clear!” I say, bouncing her faster.


Before much longer, I explode inside her pussy, shooting my load deep inside her. She flops down on the bed next to me, crying.



“Roll on to your stomach, and raise your ass in the air, do it, Cindy!”

Cindy does as order, and raises her ass. I come behind her and firmly grab her ass, and spread her ass cheeks open, and start to slowly roll my tongue around her dirty hole. Cindy starts to moan in pleasure. I quickly shove 4 fingers in her ass, Cindy screams in extreme pain. “Imagine how my cock will rip your ass open, bitch!”


I slowly start moving my fingers in and out of her asshole, loosening her up with each thrust. I then pull my fingers out, and shove them in Cindy’s mouth, she gags, and almost vomits from the taste.

I start pressing the head of my cock against the entrance of her anus, slowly pushing the head inside her/

“OW! Please…no…no…Ow!” She moans out, finally I just ram my hard cock in her ass.

“OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!” She screams, and passes out from the pain. She lays face down on her bed, I start to roughly fuck her ass, I see crimson on the shaft of my cock with each thrust, I tore her ass open.


I fuck her ass harder and harder, spanking her ass, making it bright red, I grab her hair and yank her head back.

I reach under her and roughly twist her clit, and she cums extremely hard, collapsing on her bed. I roll her over and continue to stroke my cock, until I cum on her stomach.

“Cindy? You are to get cleaned up, and you are going to move in with me, I bought you from your husband, and now I’m taking possession.”




To Be Continued…