Cali Danger vs. Faith Dumon

Cali “GI” Danger vs. Faith Dumon
1st Round KOA Tournament Match.

The tournament continues, this time, Cali Danger, fresh off a suspension, faces off with the recently rehired Faith Dumon.
Before the participants enter, former KOA Champion Destiny Dumon joins the announcers at ringside.
“Destiny, welcome, glad to have the former champion joining us.” Chuck says.
“The pleasure is all yours, Chuck.” Destiny says, with a sly smile.
“Now, Destiny, I know you have a vested interest in this match, not only is this the first match back for your recently rehired sister, Faith, but, I know you have to be itching for revenge on Cali for the way she defeated you for the Undisputed Women’s World Championship a few weeks ago. A battle for which you still bear the wounds. Seeing as you have a little discoloration under your left eye.”
“What are you trying to say, Chuck? Are you saying I’m unable to kick Cali’s ass? Are you saying Cali has my number? I’ve carried this company on my back for 10 damn years, she comes back and everyone is fawning all over her. Let me tell you, much like every other pretender to my crown that has come through this company, Cali too shall fall, and we’ll see in the finals. Now stop pissing me off and let’s get to the action.” Destiny says emphatically.
With those words, Cali makes her way to the cage, wearing an orange sports bra and orange shorts, which perfectly match her auburn hair. Her corner people are proudly holding up Cali’s newly won Undisputed Women’s World Championship. Cali, as she makes her way around the outside of the cage makes sure to talk a little shit to Destiny, causing the former champion to stand up, but security quickly got between the two.
Cali instead focuses her attention to the cage side referee, who inspects her, making sure she’s wearing her mouth piece, and that she has nothing illegal on her, once cleared, she enters the cage, and runs around for a moment.
Now it’s Faith’s turn to enter the arena, she walks out with the usual entourage, including her sister Elle at her side, she comes out wearing a pick sports bra and panties.
Faith high fives her sister as she walks by the announce table. She approaches the cage side official, and gets inspected, and is cleared to enter the cage, and she runs around the cage quickly.
The ladies are ushered back to their corners, and the ring announcer makes the introductions.
The bell rings, and both ladies start circling each other, Faith, for some reason attempts a take down, and it was quickly stuffed by Cali.
“That’s it, take her down, Faith, show her who is boss!” Destiny yells out.
“Destiny, you’re clearly in the corner of your sister, but, please be impartial for a moment, what, realistically what would Cali need to do to defeat your sister?” Chuck asks.
“Chuck? Seriously? You think I’m going to give advice on how to defeat my sister? Give me a fucking break!” Destiny says, dismissing Chuck’s comments.
Cali attempts to take down Faith, and is successful, and Faith quickly goes into guard, but Cali passes it, and is quickly about to mount Faith, and starts with the vicious ground & pound, but thankfully for Faith, the bell rings, ending the 1st round.
Both women go back to their respective corners, and Cali’s corner is full of praise. “Ok, Cali, you won that 1st round, you took her down and kicked her ass, keep that up, and I guarantee you you won’t leave it in the judges hands.”
Meanwhile, in Faith’s corner, she has a little swelling under her left eye, so, they’re busy trying to contain the swelling. “Faith, listen up, you need to do better, you should have been able to stuff that takedown attempt, instead you wind up on your ass, and you lost that round. Get your head out of your ass, and win this round, Faith.”
The corner men quickly leave the octagon and both women stand up for the start of round 2.
Faith charges, and gets caught with a stiff jab by Cali, who follows it up with a hard body shot, dropping Faith to one knee, but quickly she’s back up, and tackles Cali to the mat, but Cali quickly rolls to her stomach, and is back on her feet.
“What the hell is Faith doing? She should’ve choked her. COME ON FAITH, DAMMITT!” Destiny yells from the announce table.
“Destiny, please settle down!” Chuck says, trying to sit Destiny down.
Destiny pays no mind to Chuck, and continues to start straight ahead at the cage.
Cali and Faith are both back on their feet. Cali kicks the inside of Faith’s right leg, again dropping her to the mat.
“COME ON, FAITH! KNOCK HER ASS OUT!” Destiny yells from the announce desk.
“Cut her microphone off. Destiny, please, control yourse-…” Chuck was cut off in mid sentence, by a stinging right hook from Destiny.
“Don’t tell me to settle down!” Destiny says, spitting at him. Destiny leaves the announce table and joins Faith’s corner crew.
“Get to your feet, Faith!” She yells as Cali begins raining blows on a defenseless Faith, with that, the horn sounds ending round 2.
Faith staggers back to her corner, bleeding badly from her nose and left eye.

“Faith, you clearly lost that round…” Faith’s lead corner man says, but he’s shoved out of the way by Destiny.

Over in Cali’s corner. “Ok, Cali, you’re doing great, you can finish this match in this coming round.
Both fighters are on there feet, and the bell sounds to start round 3, but no sooner does it start, Cali connects with a stiff right hook, right on Faith’s jaw, knocking her out cold. The referee steps in and the fight is over.
Destiny is beside herself, and has to be physically restrained.

The winner by knockout, Cali Danger