Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val

Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val (Loser Becomes Winners Lover,)

Brooke prepares for her first title defense, against the returning SoCal Val.

Since Val returned, she’s done nothing but talk trash on Brooke, Brooke, fed up with Val, added the stipulation of kissing the winner’s feet, Val said it be more humiliating to become subservient to the winner.

Val enters first, wearing a black bra and panty combo, blowing kisses to the crowd as she walks to the ring. Before she gets to the ring, Brooke runs from the back and attacks Val from behind, knocking her out cold.

Brooke picks Val’s limp body up and tosses her in the ring.
Brooke places a toe on Val’s forehead, as the referee counts to three.
Brooke than drags Val back to the center of the ring, and slowly Brooke removes Val’s bra and panties, showing off her full red bush, and her beautiful 34b breasts.
Instantly Brooke buries her face in Val’s crotch, licking her clit as fast as she can. Val, actually orgasms while she’s unconscious.
Brooke then goes and gets a steel chair, and places it in the ring, and gets a bucket of water, and douses Val with it, reviving her, when Val realizes she’s naked, she furious. Brooke then makes Val worship her feet. Licking the soles up and down.
Brooke then helps Val to her feet, and they kiss in the middle of the ring, with Brooke fondling Val’s breasts and crotch.
Val begins crying, the reality of the situation finally setting in.
“Brooke, please, reconsider this, please!” Val pleads through her tears.
“No, you’re always talking shit, get back on your knees, and kiss my feet, you stuck up tramp.” Brooke says, slapping Val across the face.
“Yes, ma’am!” Val says, slowly dropping to her knees.
“That’s it, kiss my feet!” Brooke demands.
Val once again starts kissing Brookes feet, licking the soles up and down. Gently sucking on her toes, not missing a single one.
“That’s it, whore!” Brooke says, forcing Val’s head on her foot. Val continues to suck and swirl her tongue around Brookes big toe, making sucking sounds as she does.
“That’s it, Val, show mama what a good girl you are.” Brooke says, running her fingers through Val’s red hair.
Val continues lick and suck every inch of Brooke’s beautiful feet, completely coating her soles in saliva.
“Kiss your way up mamas leg, Valerie…good girl!” Brooke moans, as Val starts working her way up Brooke’s leg, softly kissing the bend in her knee. Brooke cradles Val’s face in her hands, and they kiss, first just a peck, now deep, passionate kisses.
“Do you surrender to your Mistress?” Brooke asks with a stern look on her face.
“Yes, Mistress.” Val meekly says, lowering her head in shame.
“On your back, Val!” Brooke orders.
Val does as ordered and lays
Val does as ordered and lays flat on her back, Brooke stands and lowers her panties, showing off a thick brown mound of hair, and she starts to lower herself on to Val’s face.
“Be a good girl and make mama cum, come on, Val, stick that tongue out.” Brooke says once she’s sitting on Val’s beautiful face. Val starts licking Brooke, from the tip of her clit, all the way to her asshole, long licks, making g Brooke squirm.
“You naughty girl! Are you sure you’ve never licked pussy before?” Brooke says, breathing deeply.
Val just moans, as she grips Brooke’s hips, burying her tongue deep inside Brooke.
Brooke starts grinding her pussy into Val’s face, making Val moan, as her tongue goes deeper into Brooke.
“That’s it, you red headed whore, tongue fuck my cunt! Tongue fuck it, bitch!” Brooke moans out.
Val gets a little bold and pushes her middle finger into Brooke’s asshole, making Brooke gasp.
“OH! Oh fuck! You naughty bitch! That’s it, finger bang my shithole. I’m gonna make you taste my shithole, Val.” Brooke says, holding Val’s head in place.
Val continues to lick and suck on Brooke’s pussy, tasting all her sweet juices, and fingering her little asshole.
“Val! You’re going to make me cum! I’m going to squirt on your sexy face…OH FUCK!” Brooke says, as her body tenses and she has an explosive orgasm.
But Val doesn’t stop licking, she tightens her grip on Brooke’s hips and continues licking, harder, faster, nibbling her clit harder.
“Oh! I’m gonna cum again, please…OH GOD!” And this time Brooke does squirt.
Val continues licking Brooke, cream is oozing from her pussy, and her clit is so sensitive.
“Please…no…no more!” Brooke says, finally Val stops, and pulls her finger from Brooke’s asshole. Brooke is able to roll off of Val’s face, and lays next to her trying to catch her breath.
“You’re amazing, Val!” Brooke says, leaning over to kiss her.
“Thank you, Mistress!”
Brooke let’s her hand wonder down between Val’s legs again.
“Sit on my face, Val.”
“Yes, Mistress. Just, please don’t stop, no matter how much I beg.”
“Of course, precious. Mistress won’t stop until I’m good and ready.” Brooke says, gripping Val’s hips and guiding her on to her face.
Once she’s close enough, Brooke’s tongue comes out, and gently teases Val’s clit.
Then she spreads Val’s pussy lips open and she shoves her tongue inside, burying her nose in Val’s red pubic hair.
“Oh! Oh wow!” Val giggles out.
Brooke just starts licking and licking, and pushing a finger into Val’s asshole.
“That feels…incredible!”
Brooke starts to wiggle her face, pushing her tongue in deeper. Val just sits there, grabbing and squeezing her breasts.
“Yeah…lick my pussy…lick my pussy!” Val moans, grinding her pussy against Brooke’s face. Brooke now places her hand on Val’s hip, holding her there.
Brooke pushes a 2nd finger in Val’s asshole, and begins pumping them in and out.
“OH! No one has ever stretched me like that…it hurts!” Val cries out.
Brooke starts nibbling on Val’s swollen clit, again making her cry out in pain.
“OW! Please, no biting, at least not my clitoris, it hurts so bad!” Val again cries out, her mascara starts to run.
Brooke starts licking and nibbling Val’s pussy lips, Val starts moaning and crying at the same time.
“Mistress Brooke, that feels really good, Ma’am!” Val moans, finally calming down.
Brooke starts to wiggle her face, getting her tongue deeper inside of Val.
“OH! I’m gonna cum! May I cum, please?” Val begs, Brooke winks at Val, giving her permission to cum. Val has a loud, explosive orgasm, soaking Brooke’s face and hair. Val slowly gets off Brooke’s face and lies next to her in the ring.
They start kissing and finally they get up and walk to the backstage area.