Alexa Lockhart vs. SoCal Val

Alexa Lockhart vs. SoCal Val
(Sexual Catfight)

Val, still feeling humiliated after her loss and subsequent sexual submission to Brooke Fairchild, now she’s agreed to a similar match but this time it’s against her boss, Alexa Lockhart, and she’s extremely nervous.
She slowly walks to the ring, wearing a teal satin bra and panty set, the crowd is literally chanting “Whore!” As she walks to the ring.
Alexa comes out next wearing a black sports bra and white slacks.
The match begins, and Alexa blows a kiss toward Val. Angry, Val charges at Alexa and tackles her and begins pounding her with elbows, quickly Alexa powers her off, and quickly gets to her feet. Alexa quickly responds by kicking Val, hard, right in the crotch, making Val double over.
“Ready to give up, skank?” Alexa yells, pulling Val back down to the mat by her hair.
Alexa sits behind Val and wraps her legs around Val’s body and begins squeezing her. As she squeezes her, Alexa takes Val’s breasts out of her bra, and slaps her breasts.
“Stop that!” Val yells, crying.
“Don’t cry, Val, I love your titties. Now, time to put you to sleep, and claim you like Brooke did last week.”
Alexa pulls Val to her feet, and applies a triangle choke, driving her head into the mat.
After a few seconds, Val is out, the bell rings and Alexa is the winner. She lays Val on her back in the center of the ring, and carefully strips her naked. Alexa stands there, admiring Val’s surgically enhanced body, then she opens Val’s legs and pushes two fingers inside her pussy, when she does that, Val starts coming around.
“No! Not again! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!” Val cries out, the only thing that happens is now Brooke Fairchild starts walking toward the ring and she and Alexa high five each other. Brooke stands and watches as Alexa buries her face is Val’s hairy pussy.
Alexa is licking every inch of Val, spreading her pussy lips and shoving her tongue inside Val.
“Does that feel good, you ginger haired slut?” Brooke yells, slapping Val across the face.
“Fuck you!” Val yells, spitting at Brooke.
As Alexa continues to lick Val, Brooke walks over and softly kisses Val on the lips, surprisingly Val kisses back.
“Thank you, Mistress, I loved being kissed.” Val says, blushing.
Alexa continues to eat Val’s pussy and now pushes a finger deep inside Val’s tiny asshole.
Val moans from the penetration and from Brooke’s kissing.
“You’re loving all this attention aren’t you, Val?” Brooke says.
“Yes, yes Mistress!” Val moans out.
Brooke leaves the ring and let’s Alexa continue having her fun.
Alexa adds a second finger to Val’s asshole, and continues eating her pussy, she even let’s her tongue wander to the sensitive little space between her pussy and ass.
“Oh my God! This feels so good!” Val screams out as Alexa continues to pleasure her.
Alexa moves up and kisses Val, letting her taste herself.
“Would you like to taste your ass?” Alexa asks.
Val nods her head and Alexa pulls her fingers out of Val’s ass and brings them to her mouth, making her taste her ass.
“I taste real good!” Val says, smiling.
Alexa has Val so wet that it’s easy for her to slide her entire hand inside Val’s pussy, she removed the fingers from her ass and just starts fist fucking her pussy.
“WOW! You’re really stretching me!” Val yells out.
After a few minutes of this, Val is close to cumming.
“May I cum? Please, may I cum?”
“You may!”
With that Val has a loud, explosive orgasm, soaking Alexa’s hand and the ring.
Alexa doesn’t stop there, she continues fist fucking Val’s pussy moisture just oozing from inside of her.
“Stop, Alexa, please stop!” Val pleads with her.
Alexa removes her fist from inside Val and she leaves to get the dog collar, when she returns, Val punches Alexa, hard in the face, knocking her out.
Val applies head scissors to Alexa who is barely conscious, Val squeezes Alexa’s head until she passes out. Then she places the dog collar around her neck, Val is declared the winner.
As Val is stripping Alexa naked Brooke returns with a strap on harness and a dildo.
Val starts to rub her hand over Alexa’s full bush of pubic hair. She puts the harness on and slides the dildo in. She positions herself between Alexa’s legs, and roughly Rams the fake cock inside Alexa. Alexa screams in extreme pain, the rigidness of the plastic cock combined with how dry her pussy is, it caused friction, and also caused Alexa to be torn open.
Val starts fucking her fast and hard with the dildo, making Alexa’s large breasts bounce with each thrust.
Alexa starts crying as the dildo roughly rubs her swollen clit.
“Please, Val, please, don’t do this! Please…NOOOOO!” Alexa screams as she has an orgasm, soaking the dildo and the ring mat.
Val doesn’t stop though, she continues to fuck her fast and hard.
“Want to cum again, bitch?” Val says, slapping Alexa’s breasts.
“No! Don’t you dare make me cum again. NO! YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Alexa screams, arching her back as she cums again.
Val finally pulls out of Alexa’s bloody cunt, and she hands the dildo and harness back to Brooke, who in turns hands Val a leash, and she hooks the leash to Alexa’s collar.
Brooke enters the ring and places a leash around Val’s neck and she slowly walks both Alexa and Val from the ring.