Elle Dumon vs. Heather Holms

Elle Dumon vs. Heather Holms
The tournament continues as Elle Dumon, hoping to restore her family’s dignity, takes on former MMA champion Heather Holms.

Heather enters first, wearing a red, white and blue bra and shorts set, and a bit of a shock, Cali Danger is in Heather’s corner. She gets inspected by the ringside official, and she’s cleared to enter the cage, she runs around for a minute and retreats to the blue corner.
Elle enters next, wearing a gold bra and black shorts, and her sister Destiny walks out with her as well. Elle gets inspected cage side, and she enters the cage, going to the red corner.

During the pre match introductions, Cali and Destiny more than once had to be separated.
The match begins, and Heather tries to catch Elle off guard and goes for the Superman punch, but she misses badly, but Elle is able to quickly connect with a stiff right jab, stunning Heather, who quickly recovers.
They continue to circle and Elle attempts a takedown, but Heather stuffs it.
“Is that the best you got, Elle?” Heather yells. Heather attempts her own takedown and is successful, but Elle is quickly back to her feet.
Heather lands a combination body shot and inside leg kick, knocking Elle off balance, but she doesn’t go down. Heather again tries a takedown and is again successful and this time, she gains dominant position and tries to land some shots, but Elle wisely covers up. With that the horn sounds, ending round 1.
Both ladies head to their respective corners.
In Elle’s corner, Destiny is the first to speak.
“Elle, what the hell? Kick this bitch’s ass, you kicked her ass before. Remember what she did to your body guard? Use that to fuel you, and kick her fucking ass, don’t wind up like Faith.”

Over in Heather’s corner, Cali speaks up.
“Fantastic job, Heather, you scored 2 takedowns, and you have her on her heels, remember what I taught you and finish her off, remember just because she’s a Dumon doesn’t mean shit. Finish the job, Heather!”
Both women are on their feet and the bell sounds for round two.
Elle charges Heather and backs her up against the cage, they jockey for position, Elle then stomps on Heather’s feet, and tries to go for a hip toss, but Heather is too strong. Heather in turn stomps on Elle’s feet and is successful in her hip toss attempt, and quickly tries to go a choke, but Elle quickly escapes.
Destiny can be heard screaming from Elle’s corner. “Get on your feet, kick her ass…DO IT!” She screams.
Elle scores with an inside leg kick, she tries to follow up with another kick, but, accidentally kicks Heather in the crotch, causing her to double over. The referee automatically steps in.
“Time! Heather? You ok?” He says stepping in.
“Elle, stand over there! No coaching. Heather, take your time, you have 5 minutes.” Heather drops to her knees, but quickly gets back up.
“I’m good. Let’s go!” She says.
The ref walks over to Elle. “Elle, I know that was inadvertent, just watch it, I’ll take a point next time.”
Both women stand up, and the ref calls for the match to continue. Both women touch gloves. Elle instantly scores with a stiff right jab, flooring Heather, who is slow to get up.
Elle tries to capitalize, but Heather tries to catch her in a triangle choke, but, Elle is able to escape, and scores with a vicious body kick. The horn sounds and that’s the end of round 2.
Heather staggers back to her corner, clutching her left side.
“Heather? You ok, where does it hurt?” Her corner man says.
“She broke my ribs, I heard them break.” Heather says.
“Listen, Heather, you can still win, you almost had her in a choke. Go for your Superman punch, I guarantee you she’s not expecting it.” Cali says.
Meanwhile in Elle’s corner.
“Elle, seriously, stop toying with her and knock her out, the judges score won’t matter if you knoc hik her out. So stop fucking around and knock her out already.” Destiny says.
“Elle, you’re doing everything according to plan, just go out and finish her off.” Her trainer says.
Both women are on their feet, and the bell sounds to start round 3.
Elle instantly goes for Heather’s injured ribs with I stiff kick. Heather again clutches for her left side.
Heather again goes for the Superman punch and misses badly. Elle instead connects with a hard punch to Heather’s injured ribs, knocking her down in the process.
Elle goes in for the kill, taking Heather’s back, and raining down punch after punch, blooding Heather’s face.
The horn sounds ending round 3.
Again, Heather has to be helped to her corner.
“Heather, I’m throwing the towel in, you’re done.” Her trainer yells.
“Don’t, I want to finish this fight.” Heather yells, as they begin to work on the cut on her forehead.
“Alright, Heather, then you better do exactly as I say. I want you to go for a takedown as soon as she’s in range, then just ground and pound the shit out of her. You understand?”
Heather nods her head yes.
Meanwhile in Elle’s corner.
“You’re doing great, Elle, keep the pressure up and you’ll win this fight. Now go out there and finish her.”
Both ladies stand and the bell sounds to start round 4
As instructed, Heather goes for a takedown, and gets it, but, she’s extremely tired and it’s Elle who gets dominant position. And she starts delivering hard elbow shots to Heather, again reopening the cut above her eye.
But soon, Elle tires out, and the referee has to stand them back up. Heather this time connects with the Superman punch, flooring Elle, Heather moves in for the kill, but the horn sounds ending round 4.
This time, both ladies need help back to their corners.
After a minute, both ladies are ready to start round 5.
The bells sound, they touch gloves, and Elle just begins pummeling Heather, after a minute, her corner has no choice but to throw the towel in. The referee instantly stops the match.
Elle is declared the winner.
Both corners rush the ring, and Destiny immediately goes after Cali, but Cali connects with a stiff jab, causing Destiny’s eye to swell. Both women are quickly separated and sent to the locker room.
Elle celebrates in the ring, as the doctor’s attend to Heather.