Brooke Fairchild vs. Brooke Wylde

The RingDivas arena is filled to capacity in anticipation of the first Divas vs. Porn Stars Hardcore Ladies Action Tournament.
We kick off the first round with Brooke Fairchild taking on Brooke Wylde. The rules of the tournament are simple, strip your opponent naked and either pin her or make her sexually submissive to you. The winner of the tournament will be the first Hardcore Ladies Action champion.
Brooke Fairchild enters first wearing a red and black bra and panty set.
Brooke Wylde enters next, wearing a teal and black bra and panty set.
The bell rings, and both women lock up, Fairchild quickly gets a side headlock on Brooke Wylde, she shoves her off into the ropes, and Brooke Wylde lands a devastating clothesline, flooring Brooke Fairchild. Wylde picks her up by the hair, and begins punching her breasts, Fairchild crumbles to the mat in the corner, struggling to catch her breath.
The referee pushes Brooke Wylde back and he checks on Brooke Fairchild.
“What do you say, Brooke?”
She shakes her head no and quickly gets back to her feet.
Both women lock up again, but this time Brooke Wylde goes behind Brooke Fairchild and pulls her breasts out of her bra cups.
“HEY!” Fairchild yells, slapping Brooke Wylde hard across the face, Wylde backs up a couple of steps.
Fairchild quickly covers herself back up, but, Wylde immediately rams her knee into Fairchild’s stomach, making her gasp for air.
“Think you can slap me, bitch?” Wylde says, tackling Fairchild to the mat, and begins pummeling her. Rights and lefts, most landing flush on her jaw, she then focuses her attention back to Fairchild’s breasts, she exposes them again and again punches them.
“No! No! That hurts! No! I give up! Please…” Fairchild cries out, the referee pulls Wylde off of her, Brooke Wylde is declared the winner.
Brooke Wylde decides to amp the humiliation and she tears Fairchild’s panties off, she gets up and backs into the corner, and Wylde breaks the straps of Fairchild’s bra and finally removes it, leaving Fairchild naked. She cries as she leaves the ring.
To celebrate, Brooke Wylde removes her bra and panties as well.
After a few minutes she leaves the ring.
She awaits the winner of Cali Danger and Cadence Lux.