Cadence Lux vs. SoCal Val

Porn star Cadence Lux has challenged SoCal Val to a catfight. As usual if Val wins, Teen Summer gains ownership of Cadence and if Cadence, she gains ownership over Val.
Val enters first, led by Teen Summer, Val is wearing a pink bra and panty set. Summer gives her a passionate kiss before she enters the ring.
Cadence enters next, wearing a powder blue bra and panty set.
The bell rings and Val charges Cadence, but Cadence is ready and catches Val in a power slam, Cadence goes for a quick cover but Val kicks out at one.
Cadence then pulls Val up by her hair and shoves her to the corner, she takes the heel of her foot and grinds it into Val’s stomach, making her scream in pain.
“Does your tummy hurt, Val?” Cadence says, laughing.
She continues to punish Val’s stomach with kicks, punches and slaps, even raking her fingernails over her stomach.
Val finally collapses in the corner, crying like a baby.
“Aw, are you crying? Would baby like a bottle? Or would you like to be breast fed?”
Val says nothing and just continues crying.
Cadence drags Val to the center of the ring, and just places her foot on her forehead, and the referee counts to three. Cadence Lux is declared the winner.
Cadence then tries to undress Val, but the entire locker room empties. Destiny and Elle pull Val from the ring.
Cadence grabs the microphone.
“To all the so-called Divas in the back, me and my friends challenge you to a tournament, a Championship will be on the line, and if I win, I also get that red haired slut you just pulled from the ring. Do you accept?”
Destiny also grabs a microphone.
“You’re on, bitch!” She says, dropping the microphone, and her and Elle help Val to the back.