Teen Summer vs. SoCal Val

Teen Summer vs. SoCal Val
Val, fresh off her victory over Alexa Lockhart, is lead down the aisle by her owner Brooke Fairchild, the stipulation is simple, if Summer wins, she gains ownership over SoCal Val, but, if Val wins, Brooke Fairchild gains ownership of Teen Summer.
Val is wearing a gold satin bra and panty set, and as always is barefoot.
Summer enters next, wearing a powder blue bikini, which perfectly shows off her assets.
The referee places the collar and leash at ringside and informs both women in order to win, they must strip the other naked and place the collar around the neck of their opponent.
The bell rings, and both women meet in the center of the ring. Summer instantly connects with a kick to Val’s crotch, making her double over.
“Does your cunt hurt now, Val?” Summer yells, almost laughing at Val.
Summer connects with a clothesline, knocking Val to the mat. Summer then picks her up and gives her a body slam.
“Do you give up yet, Val?” Summer again laughs at Val.
Val tries to punch Summer in the face, but she blocks the punches.
Summer punches Val right in the face, knocking her out cold, Summer then drags her to the center of the ring. First she removes Val’s bra, exposing her c cup breasts, then she removes her panties, showing off the strip of red pubic hair above her clit.
Summer retrieves the dog collar and places it around Val’s neck, Summer is declared the winner.
Summer then runs her hand between Val’s legs, massaging her sweet pussy.
Summer spreads Val’s legs open and gets between them, and gently runs her tongue over Val’s pussy.
Val wakes up, and instantly begins moving her head from side to side and moaning.
“That’s it, bitch, moan. You’re enjoying this shit, aren’t you?”
“Yes, ma’am, this girl enjoys how you lick her cunt, ma’am.”
“Good girl.” Summer says, burying her face in Val’s crotch again.
“OH MY GOD! YOUR TONGUE IS AMAZING!” Val yells out in pleasure.
Summer continues to lick and suck Val’s pussy, shoving a finger deep in her asshole.
“Oh my God! Your finger is in my ass.” Val moans out.
Summer continues licking, fast and hard, Val starts moaning louder and louder.
Before long, Val has an explosive orgasm, but Summer doesn’t stop there, she keeps licking and licking, even go as far as to lick Val’s asshole.
“That feels weird.” Val again moans out.
Summer continues to tongue Val’s brown, puckered hole, licking little circles around it. Without warning, Summer forces Val to kiss her.
“That’s disgusting!” She says.
“Shut up, you little whore, you’ll learn to love it.” Summer says, slapping Val across the face.
“Yes ma’am, this girl will learn to love it, ma’am.”
Summer then takes the finger that was in Val’s ass and puts it in her mouth.
Val gags instantly.
“Don’t gag, whore!” Summer demands.
Val quickly composes herself, and soon is willingly sucking on her finger.
“Do you want to please me now, Val?”
Val nods her head yes. Summer lowers her panties, showing off her blonde patch of pubic hair.
“Your pussy is beautiful, ma’am.” Val says, as Summer lowers herself into Val’s face.
Val grabs Summer’s hips, and instantly begins licking her pussy.
“That’s it, tongue my cunt, you little whore.”
Summer begins to grind her pussy against Val’s face, as they both begin moaning.
“You’re going to make me cum, you dirty whore…OH!” Summer says, squirting on Val’s face.
Summer gets off of Val’s face.
“Bark! Bark like the bitch you are, Val!” Summer demands.
“Arf! Arf! Arf!”
“Good girl!” Summer says, grabbing the leash and leading Val out of the ring and up the entrance ramp.