Destiny Dumon & Cali Danger vs. SoCal Val

SoCal Val just finished her match against Cadence Lux, and now she’s in her private dressing room and is ready to shower.
She removes her bra and panties and takes a few minutes to remove her make-up. After a few minutes she steps in the shower, and let’s the warm water wash over her. Val gets lost in her thoughts, she doesn’t hear her door open and close. Val steps out of the shower and first wraps a towel around her torso, then around her head, she goes to look in her suitcase when she hears a familiar voice.
“Hey, Val!” The voice says, she turns around to see both Destiny Dumon and Cali Danger in her dressing room.
“How…” Before Val could finish her thought, Cali punches her, hard in her already injured stomach, Val doubles over, and starts crying again.
Destiny pulls her up right, only to kick her in the stomach, Val falls to the floor, dropping her towels, and now she’s coughing and crying at the same time.
“You’re acting like a baby again, Val, was Cadence right, are you a baby?”
“I’M NOT A BABY, STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Val screams through her tears.
Both Cali and Destiny begin pounding on Val’s stomach with there fists, causing several bruises.
Val just curls into the fetal position and loudly starts sobbing.
“No more…please…I give up…you win!” Val softly says.
“We win, huh? Open your legs, and uncover your breasts. DO IT, VAL!” Cali demands.
“What? No! Please leave me alone. I SAID NO!” Val yells as both women spread her legs open and move her arms from her breasts.
“NO! ANYTHING BUT THIS! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!” Val screams, crying harder than ever.
Destiny leans down and begins sucking on Val’s erect nipples, as Cali gets between her legs and spreads her pussy lips open, and gently flicks her clit.
“See, Val, we don’t want to hurt you, we want you to enjoy this too, we just want to have fun.” Cali says, just before putting her tongue on Val’s swollen clit.
“Please…please don’t do this. Please…please stop, I’ll give you anything.” Val cries out.
Destiny stops sucking her nipple long enough to move up and force her lips on to Val’s, she even puts her tongue in Val’s mouth.
“Just relax, Val…listen to my voice, and watch this light, just listen to my voice, Val, hear how calm my voice is, it’s calming you, isn’t it? Notice your breathing slowing, focus on my calm, soothing voice. And now you’ll notice your eyes are heavy, you want to sleep, don’t you, Val? I’m going to count to 3, and you’ll be asleep. 1…2…3…sleep!” And Val goes to sleep on command.
Cali pushes two fingers inside of Val, and Destiny continues to worship her big, puffy nipples. Cali curls her fingers, massaging Val’s g-spot.
“Val, when I count to three, you’ll wake up, but you’ll be compliant, you won’t resist anything we do, you want us to please you. 1…2…3…wake up.” Destiny says. Val wakes up, smiling.
“Hey Cali, hey Destiny, what are you doing here?”
“We’re to please you, Val.” Cali says.
“Don’t let me stop you, please me.” Val says, laying back on the floor.
Cali takes the fingers that were inside Val, and brings them to her mouth, Val willingly opens up and sucks on Cali’s fingers.
Once she’s done Cali goes to put her fingers back inside Val.
“I think she’d love your fist inside her, don’t be scared, put your fist in her, do it, Cali!” Destiny says.
Cali balls up her fist, and slowly she tries to insert it in Val’s pussy.
“She might be a little tight.” Cali says.
“Don’t be nervous, Cali, force it in.”
With that, Cali rams her fist inside Val, she giggles a little once she’s all the way in.
Destiny then goes back to sucking on Val’s nipples, as Cali begins to move her fist in and out of Val’s pussy.
“Oh, that feels so good, Miss Cali, it hurt a little at first, but now it feels good.”
After a few minutes of this, Val is ready to cum.
“May I cum, please?” She says, breathing heavily.
Destiny nods her head yes, and Val has a loud orgasm, Cali then slowly pulls her fist out of Val and makes her clean her fingers off.
“1…2…3…sleep!” Destiny says, and Val falls to the floor, asleep.
Destiny stands up and lowers her panties, showing off her smooth, hairless pussy, and she stands over Val.
“I’m going to count to 3, and when I do, you’ll wake up, grab my hips, and devour my pussy. 1…2…3…wake up!”
And Val does as commanded she grabs Destiny’s hips, and she buries her tongue in Destiny’s pussy, licking and tasting every inch of her sweetness.
“Good girl, Val. You keep this up and I’ll cum all over your face.” Destiny says, grinding her pussy against Val’s tongue.
Cali stands in the corner and begins playing with herself.
“Destiny, can I ride her face next?” She asks.
“Of course, sweetie!” Destiny responds.
Val starts to wiggle her face, getting her tongue as deep as it’ll go inside Destiny.
“I’m going to cum…OH YEAH!” Destiny screams.
She starts to get off of Val’s face.
“1…2…3…sleep!” And quickly Val goes back to sleep
“Ok, Val, I’m going to count to three, and when I do, you’re going to devour Cali’s pussy, you ready…1…2…3…wake up.”
Val wakes up and grabs Cali’s hips and instantly starts eating her pussy.
“That’s it, eat my pussy.” Cali moans out.
Val starts making slurping noises as she continues to tongue Cali.
“I’m going to cum…Oh Shit!” Cali says as she explodes on Val’s face.
Cali slowly gets up.
“I’m going to wake you from the hypnosis…1…2…3…” Destiny snaps her fingers, and Val wakes up, and begins crying again.
“Bye, bitch!” Destiny says, high fiving Cali, and they both leave Val’s dressing room.