Elle Dumon vs. Karen Rogers

Karen Rogers is hired to replace her friend, Alicia Vitarelli, who was injured by Destiny Dumon. Destiny is now suspended for two weeks, Alicia has a severe concussion and will also be out two weeks.
Karen is a 48yr old, blonde, she’s 5’7, green eyes, and a nice b cup chest, tonight she’s wearing a pink dress, matching heels.
Karen walks in the locker room looking for Elle Dumon.
“Elle? I’m looking for Elle Dumon, where is she?”
“I’m right here, what do you want, Blondie?” Elle says, also walking into the locker.
“My name is Karen Rogers, and I was just hoping to get your thoughts on your sisters suspension. Does she have any remorse for what she’s done?”
“Listen…Kathy, is it? That stupid bitch shouldn’t have tried to interview Destiny while she was training, she’s lucky to only have a concussion.”
“It’s Karen, actually…”
“Seriously? Listen, Blondie, your name, much like your friend, doesn’t matter. Look, we wear lingerie here, I don’t know who you’re trying to impress with this…is it a dress?”
“Yes, it’s a dress, look, I’ll leave ok. I don’t want any trouble.” Karen says, turning to leave.
“I don’t think so, Blondie, we’re all going to see your ass.” Elle says, grabbing Karen by the hair and pulling her back.
She turns Karen around.
“You say you don’t want trouble, take off that dress, or I’ll kick your like what my sister did to your friend.”
Fear fills Karen’s eyes, reluctantly she unzips her dress, and lifts it over her head. Now she’s standing there in a black bra and white panties. At 48, Karen is filled out in certain places.
“Oh my God! Do you consider yourself to be in shape?” Elle can’t help but laugh at Karen.
“I mean, seriously, your belly hangs over your panties, and, look at all the pubic hair, have you heard of trimming?
Karen starts turning red from embarrassment.
“Aw, are you embarrassed, Blondie? Do you want to hit me? Come on, Blondie, hit me.” Elle says.
Karen cocks back, but Elle kicks Karen in the crotch, dropping her to her knees.
Elle then throws Karen’s dress at her.
“Get the fuck out of my locker room, Blondie.”
Karen grabs her dress and heads for the door, crying.