Cali Danger vs. Cadence Lux

The Hardcore Ladies Action Tournament continues with Cali Danger taking on Cadence Lux.
The arena is still buzzing over Brooke Wylde’s victory over Brooke Fairchild.
Cali Danger enters first, wearing an orange bra and blue panties. She walks to the ring holding her Undisputed Women’s World Championship Belt.
Cadence enters next, wearing an antique white bra and panty set.
Cadence stares at Cali and makes the cunnilingus gesture to Cali.
The bell rings, and both women meet in the center of the ring, and they lock up, Cali quickly gets an arm bar on Cadence. Cadence counters and goes behind Cali with a hammer lock, Cali counters, and shoves Cadence into the ropes, Cadence answers with a hard clothesline, flooring Cali.
“Not so tough, are you, bitch?” Cadence sneers at Cali
Cali responds with a hard punch to Cadence’s stomach, making her double over.
“Seems you’re the one who isn’t tough.” Cali says, grabbing a handful of Cadence’s long, blonde hair, and shoving her into the corner.
Cali starts to focus her assault her Cadence’s abs, bruising her stomach with kicks, punches, even going so far as to rake her fingernails over her stomach.
Cadence crumbles to the mat, clutching her stomach.
Cali again picks her up by the hair and lifts her up for a body slam, planting her in the middle of the ring.
Cadence lays there, struggling to catch her breath.
Cali goes to drop an elbow, but Cadence moves out of the way.
Cadence gets back to her feet and begins punching Cali, first body shots, then punches to the face. Cadence attempts her own body slam, but Cali reverses it. She shoves Cadence into the ropes, Cali goes for a clothesline, Cadence ducks, and is able to roll Cali up.
She has a handful of Cali’s panties as the referee counts to three.
Cadence is declared the winner.
Cali Chase’s Cadence from the ring.
Cadence celebrates all the way backstage.
Cadence will now face Brooke Wylde in the 2nd round.