Destiny Dumon vs. Mia St. James

Moving on, in other 1st round action: Empress Azumi defeats Empress Sayuri with a 5th round knockout, Madison Sex-Kitten defeats Suicide by 3rd round knockout in an extremely physical battle, and former champion Hazel defeated Teen Summer with a 4th round TKO.
Now the tournament continues with a rematch between former champions Destiny Dumon & Mia St. James.
Destiny is fresh off a two week suspension for attacking backstage reporter Alicia Vitarelli.
Before the participants enter, Cali Danger comes cage side as a commentator.
“Cali, it’s a pleasure to have you join us for this match. You and Destiny have both been very active throughout this 1st round. Do you think you can remain objective during this match?”
“Chuck, if Destiny can keep her focus on Mia and not me, I’ll remain objective, she comes near me, or says anything to me, it’ll be a different story.” Cali says, sitting down.
Mia walks to the ring first, wearing a purple sports bra and black shorts. She stops and the cage side official and gets inspected, her corner man puts in her mouth piece, and into the cage she goes.
Destiny walks out next, wearing her light pink sports bra and black shorts.
She stops cage side as well and gets inspected, once her mouth piece is in, she enters the cage.
This has been an intense rivalry between these two, Mia almost ended Destiny’s career with a vicious knockout in their only meeting and Destiny is looking for revenge.
Both women receive their final instructions and the bell sounds to start round one.
Both women circle, finally Mia tries a left jab which is blocked, Destiny answers with a leg kick, which connects.
Mia then shoots for a takedown, which is successful, Mia gains dominant position, and begins nailing Destiny with elbows, causing a small cut over Destiny’s left eye.
Destiny tries covering up, but, many of Mia’s elbows are connecting. Finally Destiny is able to get back to guard, but Mia’s assault continues.
After another minute, Mia gives up, and stands back up, she keeps kicking Destiny’s legs while she is down.
The referee steps in and pushes Mia back, allowing Destiny to get to her feet, once she’s up, Mia kicks her leg again, sending her back to the mat.
Just then the horn sounds, ending round 1.
“Cali, can you believe how round 1 went?”
“Chuck, I don’t know what is wrong with Destiny, she was totally lost in that first round. If this keeps up, I predict an early victory for Mia.” Cali says.
In Destiny’s corner. “Destiny, what the hell? You lost that first round. Get your head out of your ass, Destiny.” Her corner man says.
Meanwhile in Mia’s corner. “Great job, Mia, go out there and do more of the same, you’re stronger than her, you’re quicker than her, go out there and kick her ass.”
Both women are on their feet and the horn sounds for round 2.
Mia charges and quickly has Destiny against the cage, they tie up and Mia, with little effort, hip tosses Destiny, sending her crashing to the mat. Again Mia is on top in a dominant position, and is now landing hammer fists to Destiny’s face, reopening the cut over her left eye and causing swelling under her eye.
“QUIT FUCKING AROUND, DESTINY!” Her corner yells out.
“Chuck, if I’m Destiny’s corner, I’m seriously considering throwing the towel in, either that or if she survives this round, not letting her come out for round 3.” Cali says.
Mia is relentless in her assault of Destiny, finally the horn sounds ending round 2.
In Mia’s corner: “Great job so far, Mia, take her down again and I guarantee you’ll choke her out. She’s a pretender not a contender.”
In Destiny’s corner: “I’m scratching my fucking head, Destiny. You’re better than her, WHY IS SHE KICKING YOUR ASS? I’ll say it again, get your head in the fucking game, I won’t hesitate to throw the towel in if this shit continues.”

“Chuck, Destiny’s corner is rightfully upset, Mia is simply out classing Destiny in every aspect of the match, I’ll be surprised if this match goes past the 3rd round.” Cali says from the announce table.
The bell sounds for round 3, Destiny shows a little bit of life, and actually connects with a jab, but Mia responds with a massive right hook to the body, making Destiny back up a little.
Mia again charges and shoves Destiny against the cage, and begins stomping on her feet, and again tosses her to the mat, but Destiny is quickly back to her feet, and again lands a nice combo.
Mia again charges and catches Destiny flush on the jaw with her elbow.
The crowd in unison is chanting “MIA…MIA…MIA…MIA!”
“This is amazing, Chuck, the crowd has completely turned on Destiny.” Cali says.
Destiny goes to one knee, but, she’s quickly back up, and catches Mia with a nice right hook, stunning Mia.
Just then, the horn sounds, ending the 3rd round.
Both women retreat to their corners.
“Ok, Mia, you’re letting her hang around too long, go out there and finish her.”
“Destiny, you finally showed some life, but, honestly, you’re gonna have to finish her, you can’t leave it in the judges hands. Keep it up, Destiny.”
“Chuck, it took almost three rounds, but I think the real Destiny Dumon has finally shown up.” Cali says.
The bell sounds to start round 4. This time Destiny charges, and goes for a takedown, Mia, is too exhausted to fight it and Destiny easily takes her down.
Destiny gains position and starts landing elbows, opening a cut on Mia’s forehead.
Mia finally gets back to guard and Destiny decides to let her up.
Both women get back to their feet, and Destiny scores with a hard kick to Mia’s body, making her clutch her .
The horn sounds ending round 4.
Mia actually needs to be helped back to her corner.
“Mia, I don’t know what has happened but, if you have anything left, finish her now!”
“Destiny, great come back, you still need to finish her though, go out there and throw bombs, something is bound to connect.”
Both women are ready for Round 5.
Bell sounds, both women touch gloves.
Mia swings wildly, and Destiny answers with a stiff right hook right on Mia’s jaw, knocking her out cold.
The referee steps in and Destiny is declared the winner.
After the match, Destiny walks past the announce table.
“See you in the finals!” She says as she passes Cali.