Tina Lockhart vs. SoCal Val

SoCal Who has been on quite the losing streak lately. And she’s still showing the bruises from the beating she receive from Cali & Destiny. Tonight she’s accepted the challenge of the returning Tina Lockhart for another sexual catfight.
Val walks to the ring wearing a silver bra and panty set.
Tina enters next wearing a purple sports bra and black shorts.
The bell rings, and Tina charges Val, and crushes her in the corner, causing Val to crumble to the mat. Tina then starts putting the boots to Val, making sure to stomp on her already injured abs.
“What do you say, Val?” The referee say.
Val shakes her head no, just as Tina grabs a handful of her long red hair. Tina picks Val up for a vicious body slam.
Tina then goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair, and places it in the center of the ring.
“Time to go to sleep, Val!” Tina says, again picking Val up and hooking her head, and delivering a vicious Diva Killer DDT on the steel chair, knocking Val out cold.
Tina puts a toe on Val’s forehead and the referee counts to three, Tina is the winner.
Tina picks the chair up and begins smashing Val with it, hitting her stomach, back, chest, and head with the chair.
Tina, proud of her work, then props Val in the corner and slowly begins to undress Val, first removing her bra, then she slaps Val’s c cup breasts around, roughly pinching her nipples, waking her up. Then Tina tears Val’s panties off, and punches her in the pussy, again making her crumble to the mat in tears.
“Stop crying, Val, you act like you’ve never had your cunt busted before.” Tina says, laughing at Val.
Tina then lays Val down and instantly gets between her legs, she picks the chair back up, and begins to violently ram the edge of the chair into Val’s crotch, making her scream in extreme pain.
Tina stands Val up and swings the chair against Val’s forehead, splitting her head wide open.
Val lays there, bleeding and crying. Tina doesn’t stop there, she begins ramming the chair into Val’s injured abdomen, causing more bruises, and causing Val to bleed from her mouth.
The referee finally steps in and stops Tina from inflicting more damage, other referees come out, and finally Tina leaves the ring.
Once she’s gone, medical staff enters the ring to attend to Val, as she bleeds badly from both her head and her mouth.
They wrap Val’s head to try to stop the bleeding. As a precaution they strap her to a backboard and secure her head down.
They carry her from the ring and into a waiting ambulance.