Cory Chase vs. Alex Tanner

In a special attraction porn star battle Cory Chase will take on Alex Tanner.
Cory Chase enters first, wearing a black bra and panty set.
Alex Tanner enters next, wearing a blue bra and panty set.
The bell rings, and both women shake hands.
Cory immediately tackles Alex, and instantly tries to remove Alex’s bra.
“Cory? What are you doing?” Alex yells.
Cory stops, and instead slaps Alex across the face.
She moves down Alex’s body, and begins kissing her thighs, and rubbing her thumb over the crotch of Alex’s panties.
“Wow! That feels good!” Alex moans out, but just as quickly, Cory stops, and she pulls Alex to her feet.
Alex quickly responds with punches to Cory’s stomach, making her gasp for air.
Alex bounces off the ropes and floors Cory with a vicious clothesline.
Alex is then able to remove Cory’s bra.
“ALEX!” Cory yells out.
Alex just stands back and giggles as she begins slapping Cory’s bare breasts.
“Please stop!” Cory says, through her tears.
Alex pauses just long enough for Cory to respond with a punch to Alex’s stomach, Cory finally removes Alex’s bra. Cory also roughly pinches Alex’s nipples, making her cry in pain.
“Does that hurt, Alex?” Cory laughs at her.
Alex responds with stiff punches to Cory’s face and breasts, again making her gasp for air.
Alex again bounces off the ropes and uses a shoulder block to knock Cory to the mat.
“Time to end this!” Alex says, grabbing Cory’s legs, and reaching down to remove her panties.
Cory rolls Alex up for a pin, but Alex quickly kicks out, then she snaps and begins pummeling Cory, knocking her out cold.
The referee declares Alex Tanner the winner, but she still removes Cory’s panties, leaving her naked in the ring.
Alex proceeds to walk around the ring twirling the bra and panties over her head.