Eva Lovia vs. Elle Dumon

The Hardcore Ladies Action Tournament continues with another 1st round match, this time, Eva Lovia takes on The Franchise Elle Dumon.
Eva walks to the ring first wearing a yellow bra and panty set.
Elle comes out next, wearing a black and gold bra and panty set.
The loudest cheers appear to be for Eva, but Elle must feel tremendous pressure, the RingDivas are currently winless in this tournament, Brooke Fairchild lost to Brooke Wylde and Cali Danger lost to Cadence Lux.
No sooner does the bell ring and Elle is all over Eva, knocking her to the mat and stomping on her with her bare feet.
“You’re not beating me, bitch!” Elle yells out.
Eva responds with a hard shot to Elle’s mid section, making Elle back up.
Elle kicks her stomach hard, making Eva cough and gasp for air.
She grabs Eva by the hair and Yanks her up, throwing her head first into the turnbuckles. Eva crumbles to the mat, holding her head.
“What’s the matter? Not so tough, are you?” Elle says, laughing at Eva, who is on the mat, crying.
Elle again grabs Eva by the hair and begins ramming her head into the top turnbuckle, then she throws her to the other side of the ring, and clotheslines her against the buckles.
Eva crumbles to the mat, crying hard now.
Elle walks over and brushes the hair out of Eva’s eyes.
Elle then does a split and starts to grind the heel of her foot into Eva’s crotch, making her scream in pain.
“Does that hurt? Not used to getting your ass kicked, are you, whore?” Elle says, spitting at Eva.
Elle then picks Eva up for a vicious body slam in the middle of the ring.
Elle then proceed to stand on Eva’s hair while pulling on her arms. Eva continues to scream in extreme pain.
“Please…no more…please…I surrender…” Eva cries out, trying to crawl out of the ring.
“No you don’t.” Elle says, grabbing a handful of Eva’s panties and pulling her back in the ring.
She pulls Eva back to her feet, and gives her The Kiss Of Death, which is followed by an uppercut low blow. Eva falls to the mat, unconscious.
Elle puts her foot on Eva’s chest and the referee counts to 3. Elle Dumon advances.
Elle strips Eva naked and leaves the ring with her bra and panties.