Faith Dumon vs. SoCal Val

SoCal Val, returning from a lengthy injury absence
During her last match she received internal injuries, as well as needing 20 stitches to close a gash on her forehead, she also had a severe concussion. All suffered at the hands of Tina Lockhart.
Well now Val has plotted revenge, not just against Tina, but to those who humiliated her.
SoCal Val enters first, wear a gold satin bikini. And Val looks extremely pissed off.
Faith enters next, wearing a pink bra and white panties.
The bell rings, and Val charges Faith and rams her into the corner, then she raised her leg and chokes Faith with her foot. She takes Faith by the hair and throws her toward the center of the ring.
Val then drops a vicious elbow across Faith’s throat.
Faith lays there, coughing and gasping for air.
“The whole time I’m beating your ass, I’m secretly wishing it was your sister.” Val whispers in Faith’s ear.
Val picks Faith up for a vicious body slam, hanging her upside down in the corner, and grinding the heel of her foot into Faith’s mid section. Faith cries out in extreme pain.
She then pulls Faith from the corner and delivers a vicious kick to Faith’s crotch, Faith then falls to the mat, crying and kicking her feet like a baby.
“Stop crying, Faith. I guarantee you, it’s about to get worse.” Val says, getting between Faith’s legs.
Without warning, Val starts ramming her knee repeatedly into Faith’s crotch, eventually Faith passes out.
Val leaves the ring and returns with a bucket of water, and she dumps it on Faith’s face, waking her up.
“Welcome back!” Val says, slapping Faith, hard.
Faith lays there, coughing.
Val grabs Faith by the hair, and positions her for a sleeper hold, quickly Faith goes to sleep, the referee checks her arm, and declares SoCal The winner.
She drops Faith in the center of the ring. Val exits and returns with a steel chair, which she places over Faith’s ankle.
Repeatedly Val smashes the chair, destroying Faith’s ankle.
Instantly the referee steps in and ushers Val out of the ring.
The medical staff quickly comes in and the place a cast on Faith’s foot.