Queen Arianna vs. Tina Lockhart

After the excitement of the last match, the 1st round concludes with returning superstars Queen Arianna and Tina Lockhart doing battle.
Arianna enters first, wearing a leopard print sports bra and shorts combo. She gets inspected cage side and enters the octagon.
Next Tina enters the arena, wearing a green sports bra and black shorts. She gets checked and quickly enters the cage.
The announcer makes the introductions, both women receive their final instructions and the bell sounds starting round 1.
Both women circle for a few seconds, Tina shoots for a takedown and is successful.
Tina quickly gains dominant position, and starts throwing elbows, but Arianna covers up and most of the shots are being blocked.
Tina gets up, but doesn’t allow Arianna up, Tina starts kicking Arianna’s legs.
The referee pushes Tina back, allowing Arianna to get back to her feet.
Tina tries a Superman punch, which rocks Arianna and sends her back against the cage. Arianna answers with a right jab to Tina’s mid section.
Tina attempts a wild round house punch, which misses, and Arianna attempts a takedown, which Tina quickly stuffs. Just then the horn sounds, ending round 1.
Both women head to their corners.
“Arianna, you need to protect yourself better, you’re getting destroyed out there. Stick and move, stick and move.”
In Tina’s corner:
“Good job so far, Tina. Go out there and take her down again. You can do this, Tina!”
Both women are up and are ready for round 2.
The horn sounds and both women touch gloves, and they start circling again.
Tina connects with a stiff inside leg kick, making Arianna stumble, but she keeps her balance.
Tina then tries another takedown and again, she’s successful. And now she’s landing hard hammerfist shots to Arianna’s face.
Arianna rolls around and gives up her back, Tina tries for a choke, but Arianna gets out of her, and some how actually gets to her feet.
Tina then charges, backing Arianna against the cage, they tie up, and Tina stomps on her feet, and she successfully executes a hip toss sending Arianna crashing to the mat.
She again begins pounding Arianna with hammer fists, causing a cut over Arianna’s left eye, blood begins pouring from her eye.
Again the referee steps in and gets Arianna to her feet and has the doctor check the cut.
He says it’s ok and the fight continues, but soon, the horn sounds ending round 2.
In Arianna’s corner, they immediately start working on the cut above her eye, they get the bleeding to stop, but they know she’ll need stitches.
In Tina’s corner, they put ice on her neck and work on a game plan for round 3.
Both women are on their feet and ready for round 3.
The bell sounds, and instantly, Arianna’s corner throws the towel in, ending the match.
Tina begins celebrating, as Arianna turns and argues with her corner.
Tina’s corner picks her up on their shoulders, as the referee makes the official announcement.
Tina advances to meet Destiny Dumon in the 2nd round.