Faye Reagan vs. Kendra James

Now, in other action, Faye Reagan takes on Kendra James.
Faye Reagan enters first, wearing a yellow satin floral print bra and panty set.
Kendra enters next, wearing a blue satin bra and panty set.
The bell rings and both women lock up, Faye quickly gets a side headlock on Kendra.
Kendra pushes her off, and gives Faye a hard shoulder block, knocking her to the mat.
Faye is quickly back to her feet, and she grabs Kendra by her hair and throws her from the ring.
Faye follows her outside, Faye picks Kendra up, and slams her down on the concrete, Kendra screams out in pain.
Faye picks Kendra up and throws her back in the ring.
Faye then shoves Kendra into a corner and raises her foot to choke Kendra. Kendra begins to cough and gasp.
Faye then throws Kendra back to the center of the ring, and starts punching Kendra in the face, breasts and stomach. Kendra crumbles to the mat, crying and clutching her chest.
“Do your tits hurt, Kendra?” Faye says, laughing at Kendra.
Kendra gets up and tries to punch Faye, but Faye ducks, and connects with a stiff right, flooring Kendra.
“Time to finish you off!” Faye says, putting Kendra in a front face lock and delivering a vicious DDT, knocking Kendra out cold.
Faye covers her and the referee counts to 3. Faye Reagan is the winner.
Faye the strips Kendra naked and stands over her twirling her bra and panties over her head.