Jenelle Moreno vs. Kate Upton

Ok. Now to introduce two more new competitors, Jenelle Moreno will take on Kate Upton.
Jenelle enters first, wearing a silver satin bikini. She comes out to a nice ovation
Kate enters next wearing a rainbow colored bikini. As soon as she enters the ring her and Jenelle start jawing back and forth.
The bell rings and both women lock up, and Jenelle immediately kicks Kate in the crotch, making Kate go to her knees.
“Aw…did that hurt?” Jenelle says, hitting Kate with a clothesline, knocking her down on her back.
Jenelle then starts stomping her foot into Kate’s exposed stomach.
Kate lays there, coughing and clutching her stomach.
Jenelle grabs Kate’s legs, opens them, and head butts Kate in the crotch.
Kate screams in extreme pain.
Jenelle then does a split and grinds the heel of her foot into Kate’s crotch.
Kate begins crying from the pain.
“Stop crying, Kate!” Jenelle says, slapping Kate across the face.
Jenelle grabs Kate by the hair and brings her to her feet. Kate tries to punch Jenelle in the stomach, but she blocks it, and she delivers another stiff kick to Kate’s crotch, dropping Kate to the mat. Kate curls into a ball, she’s crying and kicking her feet.
Jenelle gets Kate back to her feet and delivers a vicious body slam. Jenelle goes for a cover, but Kate kicks out at 2.
“Time to finish you off.” Jenelle says, bringing Kate to her feet.
Jenelle delivers a stiff right hook to Kate’s jaw, knocking her out, cold.
She places her foot on Kate’s chest and the referee counts to three, Jenelle Moreno is the winner.
Before leaving the ring Jenelle makes sure to remove Kate’s bikini, leaving her in the ring, naked.