Karen Schiavi vs. Cali Danger

As a crop of new girls make there debut here, we also welcome social worker Karen Schiavi to in-ring competition. Tonight Karen makes her debut against current world champion Cali Danger.
Karen Schiavi enters first wearing a black sports bra and red panties.
Cali enters next, wearing an orange bra and blue panties.
The bell rings and Cali charges Karen, shoving her into the corner, and ramming her shoulder into Karen’s midsection, causing Karen to crumble to the mat, coughing and gasping for air.
Cali grabs Karen by her long Raven colored hair and shoves her toward the middle of the ring.
Cali then steps on Karen’s hair and pulls up on her arms, making Karen scream in pain.
Cali then picks her up for a vicious body slam, planting her near the one corner.
Cali climbs outside the ring and grabs Karen’s legs. She first pulls Karen crotch first into the steel post. The Cali repeatedly rams Karen’s right knee into the same post. Karen lays there crying from the pain she’s in.
Cali climbs back in the ring and drags Karen toward the center and begins punishing her right knee again, finally putting Karen in a figure four leg lock, Karen begins screaming in extreme pain.
Karen actually looks like she might pass out, but somehow she gets to the bottom rope, forcing the hold to be broken.
Cali then drags Karen back the center and begins kicking the back of Karen’s injured right leg.
She then drags Karen toward the ropes, drapes her right leg across the bottom rope and begins dropping her full weight down on Karen’s leg, doing more damage to her right knee.
Cali then picks Karen up and applies a bear hug, swinging her from side to side, once Karen is close to passing out, she lets go and delivers a vicious Cali bomb, knocking Karen out cold.
Cali covers Karen and the referee counts to three. Cali is declared the winner.
Cali leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair and begins hitting Karen across the knee with the chair.
Then she picks Karen up again and gives her another Cali bomb on the steel chair.
Cali then grabs a lipstick and writes the word “loser” across Karen’s stomach.
Cali then leaves the ring, as Karen lays there crying.