Katherine Jenkins vs. Katie Cleary

The action continues with 2 more new girls in action, as Katherine Jenkins takes on Katie Cleary
Katherine Jenkins enters first, wearing a white satin, floral print bra and panty set.
Katie Cleary enters next, wearing a blue satin bra and panty set.
The bell rings, and both women lock up, Katie delivers a stiff punch to Katherine’s stomach, making her double over, coughing and gasping for air.
Katie grabs Katherine’s hair and violently pulls her to the mat.
Katie then takes her foot and presses it against Katherine’s throat, choking her. Katherine again gasps for air.
She picks Katherine pick and shoves her into the corner and begins violently punching Katherine’s breasts, Katherine slumps to the mat, crying.
Katie pulls Katherine back to her feet and gives her a body slam, and brings her to her feet, and shoves Katherine into the corner and begins ramming Katherine’s head into all three turnbuckles.
Katherine falls to the mat, holding her head.
Katie starts walking around the ring, celebrating. Katherine slides out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair, she comes up behind Katie and blasts her from behind with the chair.
The referee disquailfies Katherine, Katie Cleary is the winner. But Katherine continues her assault, hitting Katie all over her body, including her breasts and stomach. And when Katie gets to her feet, Katherine hits her square in the head with the chair.
Katie is completely knocked out. With the fans booing, Katherine stand over the unconscious Katie.
The medical staff comes in to check Katie as Katherine leaves the ring.