Hazel vs. Elle Dumon

The Divas Tournament first round continues with Hazel taking on Elle Dumon.
Hazel enters first, wearing a purple sports bra and black shorts.
Elle Dumon enters next, wearing a Supergirl bra and panty set.
The bell rings and both women lock up in the center. Hazel gains the quick advantage, punching Elle hard in the stomach. Hazel then pulls Elle to the mat by her hair.
Hazel then gets on top of Elle and begins throwing elbows, Elle tries to cover up, but a couple get through.
Eventually Hazel gets off of Elle, Elle tries to stand up, but Hazel stomps her foot against Elle’s stomach.
Hazel does pull Elle to her feet by her hair, and begins ramming her head first into the turnbuckles. Elle crumbles to the mat, holding her head.
Hazel throws Elle into the ropes, and Hazel catches her in a vicious triangle choke, Elle tries to hang on as best she can, but, she eventually passes out.
Hazel is declared the winner.
Hazel then spends the next 5 minutes posing over Elle’s unconscious body.