SoCal Val & Amber VanBuren vs. Brooke Fairchild & Kati Summers

The second round of the tag team tournament begins with the original RichBitchez SoCal Val & Amber VanBuren taking on Brooke Fairchild & Kati Summers
Brooke & Kati enter first, Brooke wearing an American flag bikini and Kati wearing an teal satin bikini.
The RichBitchez enter next, wearing matching white bras and plaid school girl skirts.
After the referee gains control, it’s Amber starting against Kati Summers.
Both women lock up in the center of the ring, Kati gains control with a side headlock, but Amber quickly shoves her into the ropes, and floors Kati with a stiff clothesline. Quickly Amber tags in SoCal Val, Kati scrambles to her feet and tags in Brooke Fairchild.
Val and Brooke quickly lock up, but Val gains the advantage by kicking Brooke right in the crotch, Brooke drops to her knees, holding her crotch and crying.
Val grabs Brooke and throws her into the corner with Amber. Val keeps the referee distracted while Amber chokes Brooke.
When Amber’s finished, Brooke stumbles from the corner, and Val hits her with a perfectly executed DDT, Brooke is out cold.
Amber runs on the outside and attacks Kati as Val covers Brooke for the three count.
SoCal Val and Amber VanBuren are the winners and are heading to the finals.