SoCal Val vs. Kylie Lockhart

SoCal Val makes her way to the ring, and she looks extremely unhappy.
Tonight she’s wearing a leopard print bra and panty set.
She grabs a microphone and enters the ring.
“Tina! Tina Lockhart! I know you can hear me! Remember what I did to your precious sister, Alexa? Let me tell, her pussy tasted so sweet! But then you beat the hell out of me, left me bloody in the ring, now it’s time to pay you back, but, instead of calling you out, how about your little sister Kylie. Kylie Lockhart, get your ass out her!” Val yells
A moment later, an extremely nervous looking Kylie Lockhart makes her way to the ring, she’s warring a grey bra and pink panties.
Val begins assaulting her before she can enter the ring, stomping on her back.
Val picks Kylie up by the hair and Rams repeatedly into all three turnbuckles, Kylie just crumbles to the mat, holding her head and crying.
“Stop crying, Kylie. You can blame your big sister Tina for this. She made me bleed, Kylie, I won’t make you bleed, but, let’s say I’ll take your innocence.” Val says, giggling.
Kylie balls up her fist and takes a wild swing at Val, who easily dodges the punch, and connects with a right of her own, flooring Kylie.
“Had enough, Kylie?” Val says, nudging her with her foot.
“Problem is, I’m not done beating you up yet.” Val says, grabbing a handful of Kylie’s hair.
She shoves her back to a corner, raises a foot and begins choking Kylie. Kylie begins coughing and gasping.
Kylie stumbles from the corner, and Val goes outside the ring and gets a steel chair.
She sets it up and sits down, and pulls Kylie over to her.
“Time to give you a spanking!” Val says, forcing Kylie over her knee, and pulling her panties down.
Very slowly she begins spanking Kylie, Kylie begins crying.
“Oh, stop crying, it’s not like I’m…hey, look at the pretty pink gash between your legs, how about if I put a finger in there?” Val says, pushing a finger inside Kylie.
The bell sounds and SoCal Val is declared the winner.
Val takes the finger that was inside Kylie and sucks it clean.
“Mmm…nice and sweet. Told you I’d take your innocence.” Val says, blowing a kiss to Kylie as she leaves the ring.