SoCal Val vs. Brooke Fairchild

SoCal Val comes walking to the ring, wearing her customary white bra and plaid school girl skirt, and she’s followed by Alexa Lockhart, Tina Lockhart and Teen Summer, all three are completely naked.
Once in the ring, Val grabs a microphone.
“Next in my list is you, Brooke Fairchild, get out here now…and I mean right now!” Val screams into the microphone.
A few seconds later and Brooke’s entrance music starts, and in the entrance ramp stands the former undisputed Women’s World Champion, Brooke Fairchild and tonight Brooke is wearing a matching purple bra and panties.
Brooke and Val meet in the center of the ring, Brooke not taking her eyes off of Val, Brooke finally slaps Val hard across the face, Val retaliates with a punch to Brooke’s stomach, making her double over.
Val then pulls Brooke’s hair, yanking her down to the mat.
Val then gets on top of Brooke and just begins throwing elbows and fists hitting Brooke in the head and face.
Val again drags Brooke to her feet, barely conscious and unable to defend herself, Val again throws Brooke into the ropes, and floors her with a stiff clothesline. Brooke lays on the mat, crying.
Val bounces off the ropes and drives her knee into Brooke’s forehead, Brooke begins bleeding from her forehead.
Val picks Brooke back up and applies a sleeper hold, Brooke begins fading fast, in a matter of seconds, her arm drops three times, SoCal Val is declared the winner.
Val again takes her time in stripping Brooke naked, and leaving her in the middle of the ring.