Alicia Vitarelli vs. Destiny Dumon

As a result of the backstage attacks on reporters Alicia Vitarelli and ring announcer Karen Rogers, a tournament has been devised between news reporters and WEC superstars. The winner of this special tournament will be the first Reporters Division champion.
The tournament starts off with Alicia Vitarelli, who is not only a Philadelphia reporter, but, she’s also the backstage reporter for the WEC, taking on the woman who attacked and injured her, Destiny Dumon.
Alicia enters first, wearing a blue satin bra and panties.
Destiny enters next, wearing a pink bra and black panties.
Before the match begins, Destiny grabs the microphone.
“Give up now, Vitarelli, or I’ll make that beat down I gave you look tame compared to what I’ll do to you tonight.”
Alicia charges and tackles Destiny, but, Destiny quickly powers her off.
Destiny goes for the Viper Strike, but, Alicia counters and gets Destiny in a side headlock.
Destiny shoves Alicia off, and knocks her to the mat with a stiff shoulder block.
Destiny then picks Alicia up by the hair, and shoves her back to the corner, and begins chopping her across the breasts and stomach, making Alicia cry out in pain.
Alicia finally crumbles to the mat.
Destiny again picks Alicia up by the hair, and shoves hard to the corner.
Destiny then begins assaulting Alicia’s stomach, causing several bruises.
“Ready to give up, bitch?” Destiny says, slapping Alicia hard across the face.
This only further angers Alicia, who again tackles Destiny and begins landing punches to Destiny’s face and neck, and soon Alicia starts bouncing Destiny’s head off the canvas, opening a cut in the back of Destiny’s head.
Alicia pulls a dazed Destiny back to her feet, but, from out of nowhere, Destiny hits a Viper Strike.
She goes for the cover, but somehow, Alicia kicks out at two.
Frustrated, Destiny locks in the Viper Lock, Alicia starts fading, but the referee checks her arm, it only drops twice, and somehow, Alicia gets to the ropes to break the hold.
Amazingly, Alicia is the first one back to her feet.
She hits Destiny with an implant DDT, and gets the cover and surprisingly the referee counts to three.
Alicia Vitarelli is the winner.
She takes her time posing over Destiny’s body.

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