Tess Holliday vs. Robyn Lawley

The BBW tournament begins tonight with Robyn Lawley taking on the odds on favorite Tess Holliday.
Robyn Lawley enters first, wearing a mustard yellow bikini.
Tess Holliday enters next, wearing a black one piece bathing suit.
The referee gives both women final instructions.
The bell rings, and both women lock up, and Tess quickly over powers Robyn Lawley and quickly shoves her into the corner.
Tess gets a running start and avalanches Robyn in the corner.
Robyn just crumbles to the mat in a heap.
Tess picks Robyn up by the hair, and throws her across the ring by the hair.
Robyn somehow gets to her feet, and actually begins kicking Tess in the stomach, finally making her double over. Robyn then bounces off the ropes and pulls Tess to the mat by the hair.
Robyn then starts dropping elbows on Tess, but, just as Robyn was about to drop her 4th elbow, Tess rolls out of the way.
Tess again picks Robyn up and body slams her in the middle of the ring.
Tess drags Robyn’s lifeless body over to the corner, she climbs to the middle rope and begins bouncing on the rope, and executes a perfect Vader Bomb off the 2nd rope.
She covers Robyn for the easy 3 count.
Tess Holliday is declared the winner.
She poses over Robyn’s prone body.