Abbey Rhodes vs. Sandy VanBuren

In the opening match of the Erotic Angels Baby oil tournament Abbey Rhodes takes on Sandy VanBuren.
Abbey enters first, wearing a red and white bra and panty set.
Sandy enters next wearing a white bra and pink panties.
Both women get in the pool of baby oil, and quickly lock up.
Sandy dunks Abbey face first into the baby oil, Abbey comes up gasping for air.
Abbey then takes Sandy and dunks her in the baby oil, Sandy now comes up gasping for air.
Both women are now covered in baby oil, and Abbey throws Sandy out of the pool and shoves her into the corner.
Abbey begins ramming her shoulder into Sandy’s midsection, making her cough and gasp for air.
On her way down, Sandy does manage to get a good forearm shot into Abbey’s stomach, making Abbey take a couple of steps back.
Abbey picks Sandy back up by the hair, and body slams her back into the pool of baby oil.
Abbey climbs in the pool with Sandy, and she picks her up and body slams her again.
Abbey picks Sandy up again and applies a rear naked choke, and begins choking Sandy out.
Before long Sandy is tapping out, the referee calls for the bell.
Abbey Rhodes is declared the winner, but, Abbey doesn’t let go, until Sandy passes out.
Abbey then poses over Sandy’s unconscious body for about 5 minutes.