Teen Summer vs. Kiana McMichaels

In the opening contest of the Tickle Division tournament. The RichBitchez explode as Teen Summer takes on Kiana McMichaels.
The rules of the tournament are simple, you tickle your opponent into submission.
Both women come out wearing matching pink and black bras and panties.
The referee gives final instructions, the bell rings and both women lock up in the middle of the ring.
Summer gains the quick advantage by kicking Kiana in the crotch.
Summer then begins tickling Kiana’s armpits, but Kiana slaps her hands away, and then she punches Summer in the stomach, causing Summer to double over.
Kiana then begins tickling Summer’s ribs, but Summer is able to get away.
Summer then floors Kiana with a stiff clothesline, Kiana’s head bounces off the mat.
Summer gets on top of Kiana, and begins bouncing her head off the mat, Kiana begins screaming and crying.
Summer gets up and begins tickling Kiana’s foot, running her tongue up the sole of her foot.
Kiana starts laughing, but somehow gets to the bottom rope.
Summer doesn’t stop worshipping her foot, sucking on her big toe.
“That feels really good!” Kiana says, letting go of the bottom rope.
Summer then picks Kiana’s other leg up and now begins worshipping both of her feet, licking between her toes, sucking on each one.
She begins nibbling on Kiana’s big toes, and then begins tickling the soles again.
After a minute of this, Kiana begins laughing and tapping out.
Teen Summer is declared the winner.
Summer kisses Kiana’s feet one more time and quickly leaves the ring, motioning for Kiana to follow her.