Demi Lovato vs. Anya Monzikova

The Celebrity MMA Tournament begins tonight with model Anya Monzikova taking on Demi Lovato.
Both women are getting their fists and ankles taped up for the grueling fight.
Anya Monzikova enters first wearing a pink sports bra and matching shorts. She gets inspected cage side, gets her mouth piece and final instructions and enters the octagon.
Demi Lovato enters next wearing a black sports bra and matching shorts. She gets inspected cage side, gets her mouth piece and quickly enters the octagon.
Both women get their final instructions from their corner.
The bell rings and both women start circling.
Anya connects first with a kick to Demi’s body, but Demi quickly answers back with a stiff jab to Anya’s face, making her back up a few steps.
Anya than tries for a takedown, but Demi is able t stuff it.
Demi then tries for a takedown of her own, and is able to take Anya down.
Demi quickly gains side control, and starts ramming her knee repeatedly into Anya’s side, making her gasp for air.
“Give it up!” Demi yells at Anya.
After a few more seconds, Demi is able to gain dominant position, and now Demi starts throwing elbows, breaking Anya’s nose, and closing her left eye.
And no sooner does that happens, the horn sounds, ending round 1.
Both women get up and go to their respective corners.
In Anya’s corner:
“She got the better of you that round, you need to get in her face this round.” Her corner man says.
“I don’t like this, I’m not a fighter, throw the towel in, I give up, she’s a fighter, I’m not. I can’t do this!” Anya says
“I’m not letting you give up, Anya, when she gets close, punch her in the mouth, I guarantee you she’ll back up, and she’ll show you respect. Don’t ever say you’ll give up again! Now go out there and kick her ass.”
In Demi’s corner:
“You have her on the ropes and scared. We both know you’re the best fighter in this tournament. When the bell rings, just take her down, and begin pounding on her, I guarantee you she’ll start tapping. You’re the best fighter in this tournament, Demi, go prove it.”
Both women are on their feet for round 2.
The bell rings, and both women begin circling again.
Demi charges, Anya swings wildly and misses badly, Demi in the meantime, swings and connects, knocking Anya to the mat. Demi gets on top, throwing hammer fist punches, now opening a cut under both of Anya’s eyes.
Demi backs off, allowing Anya to get back to her feet, but Anya is quickly floored again by a straight right hand by Demi. Anya is dazed and rocked, but somehow gets back to her feet.
“Don’t give up, Anya!” Her corner yells out.
Demi then attempt and connects with a vicious Superman punch, which Demi refers to as her Supergirl punch, which knocks Anya backwards against the cage, and she starts bleeding from the mouth.
Demi quickly pounces and begins working Anya’s body with rights and lefts, Anya has such a hard time breathing she spits out her mouth piece.
Mercifully the horn sounds, ending round 2.
Anya this time needs help getting to her corner.
In Demi’s corner:
“Great job so far, Demi. You really have her reeling, keep the pressure up and you’ll knock her out this round, just keep the pressure up.”
In Anya’s corner:
“I’m not a fighter, I barely know how to fight back, why did I agree to do this tournament?” Anya says, tears forming in her eyes.
“Listen! I’m not allowing you to give up, so stop crying, and go out there and just try your best.” Anya’s corner man says.
Both women are on there feet for round 3.
The bell sounds and both women begin circling.
Demi quickly attempts a takedown, and is successful.
Anya, for some reason gives up her back, and Demi quickly locks in a rear naked choke.
Anya has no choice but to tap.
Demi Lovato is declared the winner by 3rd round submission.
Anya lays on the mat crying. As Demi runs around the octagon celebrating.

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