Layla London vs. Dillion Harper

The 2nd round of The Hardcore Ladies Action Tournament concludes with Layla London taking on Dillion Harper.
Layla enters first, wearing a pink satin bra and panty set.
Dillion enters next, wearing a white bra and purple panties.
The bell rings and both women meet in the center of the ring, both women stand there jawing back and forth when Layla slaps Dillion hard across the face.
Dillion responds well this a stiff kick to Layla’s crotch, making her drop to her knees.
Layla actually begins crying from the kick to her crotch. Dillion then bounces off the ropes and nails Layla with a stiff dropkick, causing Layla’s head to snap back and bounce off the mat.
Dillion goes for the cover but Layla is up at one.
Dillion picks Layla up by the hair, and throws her head first into the turnbuckles, Layla answers back with a stiff punch to Dillion’s midsection, making Dillion cough and gasp for air.
Layla then picks Dillion up and body slams her in the middle of the ring.
Layla bounces off the ropes to deliver a splash, but Dillion gets her knees up at the last second, knocking the wind out of Layla.
Dillion takes a moment getting back to her feet, and this time it’s her turn to body slam Layla in the middle of the ring.
Dillion now goes to the top rope to attempt a cross body block, but, Layla moves out of the way, and Dillion crashes to the mat.
Layla begins stomping on Dillion’s stomach, Layla tries to pick Dillion up, but Dillion is practically out.
Layla strips Dillion naked and positions her for a power bomb, and hits it perfectly, knocking Dillion out cold.
Layla places her foot on Dillion’s forehead and the referee counts to three.
Layla London is declared the winner.
Layla parades around the ring with Dillion’s lingerie.