Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val

The Bikini Contest Tournament continues with Brooke Fairchild taking on SoCal Val. The winner faces Kimberly Jane in the 2nd round.
Remember if neither girl reaches 60% of the vote, it’s settled in a street fight.
Brooke Fairchild enters first, and she’s wearing an American flag colored robe, she enters the ring and removes her sunglasses.
Val enters next, wearing a gold colored robe, and she as well enters the ring and removes her sunglasses.
Ring announcer Karen Rogers enters the ring to introduce the participants.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the 2nd play in match in the Bikini Contest Tournament. Introducing first…” Karen says, turning toward Brooke.
“…from Charlotte, North Carolina, she is a former Women’s World Champion…Brooke Fairchild!”
Karen now turns toward Val. “Her opponent, from Beverly Hills, California. She is one half of the WEC World Tag Team Champions…SoCal Val!.”
Now Karen goes back to the center of the ring.
“Now, ladies, one at a time, remove your robes, and if neither of you reaches 60% of the vote, a street fight will decide the winner, and the only way to win is by pinfalls or Knockout…Brooke, please remove your robe.”
Brooke removes her robe, showing off her American flag bikini, she poses for the crowd for a few moments, and gets a fair amount of applause.
Next Val removes her robe, showing off her gold bikini, Val also poses for the crowd for a few minutes, and she gets a good amount of applause as well.
Both women put their robes back on and go back to their corners.
Karen Rogers now comes walking back to the ring.
“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, it’s…time to vote.”
A few minutes later the vote is in:
Brooke Fairchild: 52%
SoCal Val: 48%
“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, neither woman reached the required 60%, now a street fight will determine the winner. A winner is declared by either pin or knockout. Ladies, return to your corners and get your fists taped up, you have 5 minutes.” Karen says, leaving the ring.
Both women spend the five minutes getting their fists taped up.
The 5 minutes is up and both women are ready for the street fight.
The referee gives final instructions.
Before the match could begin, Brooke grabs the microphone from Karen Rogers.
“Val! I embarrassed you, then you embarrassed me, but let me tell you something, I’m going to embarrass you like the red headed bitch you are!”
Val looks pissed after Brooke says this.
Brooke gets back in the ring, the bell rings and the street fight is underway.
Brooke charges at Val and just decks her with a straight right, knocking her down.
Brooke then picks Val up and dumps her over the top rope. Brooke follows her outside, picks up a steel chair, and just begins wearing Val out with the chair.
Val tries to crawl away, but Brooke grabs a handful of Val’s long red hair and pulls her back.
Brooke picks Val up on her shoulders, and violently drives Val through the announce table, Val is knocked out, and the referee calls for the bell.
Brooke Fairchild is the winner and will face Kimberly Jane in the next round.
Afterwards, Hardcore Harley comes down to check on Val.