Kimberly Marvel vs Shauna Ryanne

The first round of the BBW tournament continues with Kimberly Marvel taking on Shauna Ryanne.
Both women are in the back and are ready for action.
Kimberly Marvel comes out first, wearing a black bra with red panties.
Shauna Ryanne comes out next, she’s wearing a red bra with black panties.
The referee gives final instructions, the bell rings, and both women lock up in the middle of the ring.
Shauna gains the advantage with a side headlock, but Kimberly shoves her off into the ropes, and Kimberly knocks Shauna to the mat with a back elbow.
“Take that, bitch!” Kimberly yells at Shauna.
Shauna slowly gets back to her feet.
Kimberly grabs Shauna by the hair and shoves her back into a corner.
Shauna answer with a headbutt, breaking Kimberly’s nose and knocking her to the mat.
Shauna bounces off the ropes and hits a splash, knocking the wind out of Kimberly. Shauna hooks Kimberly’s leg, but Kimberly kicks out at 2.
Shauna picks Kimberly back up by the hair and shoves her back into the corner, and begins ramming her head into the turnbuckles, until Kimberly crumbles to the mat, crying.
Kimberly quickly gets back up though, and elbows Shauna hard in the stomach. Kimberly follows it up with a knife edge chop across Shauna’s breasts.
Shauna begins crying in the corner.
Kimberly backs up and delivers an avalanche splash in the corner, causing Shauna to collapse in the corner.
Kimberly picks Shauna up and gives her a body slam in the middle of the ring, the she bounces off the ropes and gives Shauna a leg drop across her throat.
Kimberly goes for the cover and the referee counts to three. Kimberly Marvel is declared the winner.
She’ll go on to face Tess Holliday in the 2nd round.