Nikki Sims vs. Destiny Dumon


The models division tournament continues with Destiny Dumon taking on Nikki Sims. 

Destiny enters first wearing a blue bra and orange panties. 

Nikki enters next, wearing a white bra and sea foam green panties. 

The referee gives final instructions, the bell rings, and both women are face to face in the center of the ring. 

Nikki slaps Destiny across the face, causing Destiny to kick Nikki in the crotch, making her drop to her knees, crying. 

Destiny picks Nikki up by the hair and rams her face first into the turnbuckles. Destiny then raises her foot up and begins choking Nikki in the corner, Nikki screams out and gasps for air. 

“Had enough yet?” Destiny asks, laughing at Nikki. 

Nikki retaliates by punching Destiny hard in the stomach, making Destiny back up a few steps. 

Destiny quickly tries for a Viper Strike, but, Nikki wisely backs away. 

Both women lock up in the middle of the ring, this time Nikki gains the advantage by punching Destiny in the throat. Destiny begins coughing and gasping for air. 

Nikki knocks Destiny down with a stiff clothesline, Nikki follows it up with an elbow drop. 

Now Nikki picks Destiny up by the hair, and whips her into the ropes, only to knock her right back down with a drop kick. 

Nikki again picks Destiny up. 

“Time to finish you off!” Nikki whispers in Destiny’s ear. 

Suddenly Nikki shoves Destiny’s face between her huge breasts, and begins smothering her. Destiny tries to fight it but it’s no use, and after a few seconds, Destiny Dumon passes out. 

Nikki Sims is declared the winner. 

Nikki poses over Destiny’s limp body for a few minutes. 

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